Nut butter, a delicious version

It is ideal to consume for breakfast due to its creamy and thick consistency.

Nut butter is made by crushing nuts and taking advantage of their oils, to create a product with various uses and benefits.. It is possible to make butter from various products, as long as they have a high fat content, for example peanut butter, one of the most consumed, or tahini, made from sesame seeds.

The walnut is creamy and thick, so it is ideal for breakfast, spreading it on bread, or to consume during snacks.. It can be used in recipes with vegetables, meat or fish, since the flavor is mild and adapts to the preparation. It is also ideal for sauces, marinades and dressings because it provides a fresh flavor.

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This product is an alternative to trans fats present in some vegetable oils or animal fats.. The greatest benefit of making nut butter lies in its nutritional contributions, being rich in proteins, minerals, Omega 3, healthy lipids and vitamins B6 and E.

In addition, it strengthens the brain capacity, thanks to the nuts, it helps to stabilize the heart rate, improves the neuronal capacity of the organism, reduces cholesterol and contributes to maintaining a healthy heart. In addition, it quickly satisfies the appetite, improves mood because it increases serotonin levels, helps to fall asleep and enhances the functions of the immune system.

To make nut butter, you only need nuts and salt, as well as a thermomix to prepare It is optional to add extra virgin olive oil to provide a more unctuous consistency.

The walnuts are first peeled, cut into small pieces and crushed until they obtain a paste consistency thanks to the walnuts’ own oils, and then seasoned. It should be kept refrigerated in an airtight container. It is advisable to make small portions since, as it does not contain preservatives, it loses its properties more quickly and is not suitable for consumption..

Walnut production is high, because it adapts very well to temperate climates. There are more than 50 varieties of walnuts, the best known being the Persian walnut, also called the English walnut.. The largest producer of walnuts is China, followed by the United States and Chile.

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