Nuria Roca (‘El Hormiguero’) shares her favorite avocado breakfast, ready in 5 minutes!

The presenter Nuria Roca has confessed to her followers what her favorite moment of the day is: breakfast. And she has shared the recipe for her morning routine that could not be healthier and faster to prepare

She is one of the fashion presenters and keeping up with such a strong rhythm that marks a job as demanding as television is not easy. Not only You have to dose a lot of energy, but rather achieve it by being very persevering, integrating healthy routines, such as exercise and a healthy diet. Both are subjects that Nuria Roca has passed with a mark, without a doubt. The ‘substitute’ for Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’ manages her time very well and, every free moment she has, she invests it in playing sports, as she often shows on her Instagram. Also from his favorite social network he has shared his secret for start the day in a healthy way and enjoy it to the fullest: a delicious breakfast, quick to prepare and with your favorite ingredients.

Instagram @nuriarocagranell

Do you remember that advertising slogan “It’s my time”? Well, Nuria Roca’s “moment” happens every morning, very early, when the house is still quiet and she can calmly enjoy what they say is the most important meal of the day: breakfast. The presenter of ‘La Roca’ faces a long day at work with the best attitude and in the healthiest way. “Before everyone wakes up,” says Nuria, she gets ready and goes down to the kitchen where she combines her favorite ingredients and tastes them on toast.

It is a perfect lunch to take with spreadable cheese and accompany it with avocado, raspberries and other seasonal fruits. If you have the most ‘salty’ day, you also choose to accompany the toast with salmon. And don’t miss the orange juice! Quick, easy, very healthy and, without a doubt, perfect for catching up on the news while listening to the radio or looking at the computer.