Nuria Roca celebrates her 50th birthday with a declaration of intent and a romantic congratulations from Juan del Val

Nuria Roca is celebrating today. The presenter turns 50 and has given herself a very special gift and has received a beautiful congratulations from her husband Juan del Val

Nuria Roca is experiencing a super special day today. He is celebrating his 50th birthday! The presenter can boast of reaching this round figure in one of the best moments of her life. Professionally, it doesn’t stop. Her collaborations in ‘El Hormiguero’ where she has recently replaced Pablo Motos, her work as presenter in ‘La Roca’, the advertising work she does and her play are some of the projects that have from here to there. And as for the personal, she has a more than entrenched relationship With her husband Juan del Val and their three children they form a happy family.

In addition, Nuria Roca has many colleagues and friends who love her and feel deep admiration for her. Something that has been verified today with the number of messages that she has received from her and with all the bouquets of flowers that have arrived at her home on the occasion of her 50th birthday. And also with the congratulations that have been dedicated to her through social networks, among which her husband’s has not been lacking. Juan del Val has brought out his most romantic side with his dedication to the presenter. The collaborator and screenwriter has shared a photograph of her wife and together with her has written “How the world improves when you laugh, how wonderful to be so close to that sound, how lucky to be by your side. Happy 50!!! (And besides… how hot you are, aunt)”. A few words that she has thanked.

Juan del Val congratulates Nuria Roca.

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And it has not been the only message that Nuria Roca has launched on her 50th birthday. He has also made quite a statement of intent! One of the gifts she has given herself has been to enjoy a walk through nature. Since then she has shared a photograph of your sneakers next to which he has written “declaration of intent for the 50”.

Nuria Rock

The purpose of Nuria Roca.

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In this way, Nuria Roca has done one of the best resolutions you can make on any birthdaywhich is to continue dedicating time to herself and not stop taking care of herself to feel good inside and out.