Number cakes, design cakes, nude cakes… Where to find these trendy cakes in Caen?

Cake design, nude cake, number cake… Which will be your favourite? (©The sweets of the wolf)

A strawberry or an opera for your birthday? That’s good, but maybe you’ll fall in love (unless you already have) on one of these trendy cakes that we see blooming everywhere on social networks and on plates. Nude cakes (or naked cakes), number cakes, cake design… With their English names, they catch the eye and are often as beautiful as they are good.

The number cake, for a unique event

In his pastry workshop in the neighborhood Venoix in Caen (Calvados)Caroline Louveau takes orders. She launched her business, Lesdouces de la louve, in November 2020. “Every weekend I have between three and four orders of number cakes. It allows you to personalize the cake, it is often lighter and more convivial”.

Little glossary…

– Number cake: cake in the shape of numbers (can be declined in letters or in shapes) generally composed of two layers of shortcrust pastry, topped with cream and decorated with flowers, fruits, chocolates…
– Cake design: culinary art which consists in creating original cakes: they can represent a place, an object, a particular event. Often covered with sugar paste, they are popular at children’s birthdays or baby showers.
– Nude cake or naked cake: this “naked” cake represents simplicity: layers of biscuits and filling. It can be covered with creams or ganache (not necessarily completely).
-Drip cake: this is a cake whose topping runs down the sides.

Caroline offers a shortcrust pastry base. She adds diplomate cream (or a ganache) with vanilla or chocolate, “then I add fruit or chocolate to decorate”. She declines this double-tiered cake with letters or shapes. “One of my last orders was a horse’s head with a shoe because the little girl is a fan of horses”.

Among the most recurring themes: “the heart, especially for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day”.

The “wow” effect of cake design

Less light, the designer cake is often popular for birthdays. The cake is covered with sugar paste: “people are more looking for the wow effect! “, explains Caroline. At the moment, the recurring themes revolve around The Snow Queen, Lego, unicorns, Pat Patrol or the timeless football. “I am inspired by photos found on the internet and then I model the sugar paste like modeling clay.

Cindy launched Bouille et gourmandises two years ago in Caen. In parallel with her work as an employee, she passed her pastry CAP and now offers design cakes, cupcakes, number cakes on order. “I’m often complete three weeks, a month in advance,” she warns. And the design cake orders keep coming: “It’s often for birthdays or baby showers. People ask me for cartoons, comforters sometimes. It’s really à la carte and that’s what pleases”.

Charlotte Gourmet Creations in Caen also offers them.

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Nude cakes, the purest

This is THE cake for events, big birthdays or weddings: the nude cake or naked cake. “We cover the cake with a white ganache either partially or entirely,” explains Caroline Louveau. The base is a sponge cake, inside a mascarpone cream with either fruit or chocolate. “The decoration is finer, more rustic”.

This is the type of cake chosen by the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to celebrate its bicentenary at the beginning of September. It was Audrey, a pastry chef recently arrived in Caen, who made it. The young woman has just launched her business: BHBG (Be Happy, Be Gourmand). A specialist in individual cakes, she is increasingly beginning to make larger pieces for birthdays or weddings…

And also…

Folies Goodys offers wedding cakes in Caen and throughout Normandy. Julien Joly caterer in Fleury-sur-Orne notably offers number cakes for birthdays. The caterer and pastry chef Stiffler also.

Practice. To order cakes from the pastry chefs mentioned, you have to go through their Facebook page (in private message or by phone).

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