Now is the time for cold pasta salads, but for a tasty result, be careful not to make these 5 mistakes

When the temperature starts to rise, the desire to eat something tasty does not go away. Of course, however, who has the strength to go out there and bring out pots for a dish that is not so demanding, but rather hot?

There is an alternative though. Instead of sweating in the stove for lunch and dinner, we can take advantage of the cooler hours of the day to prepare a fresh recipe, perhaps a nice cold pasta salad.

The right moves, and so simple, to avoid making mistakes

Sometimes, however, it happens that the dish, once it comes out of the fridge, is inedible. To get tasty results, then, you need a few simple tips.

Since this is the time for salads and we want to get a good preparation, the first mistake not to make is choosing the wrong pasta. Sometimes someone decides to even use spaghetti or other long pasta for this purpose: error or horror, let’s choose the best definition.

We prefer short, smooth or striped pasta, but not the small one for soups, but of a certain length, fusilli or rigatoni.

The second mistake concerns the cooking of the pasta. No to drain it a couple of minutes earlier than recommended on the package, it would remain too hard. Better to always taste and, if fusilli or something else seems cooked to the right point, drain. It really depends on our taste, the best adviser.

Now is the time for cold pasta salads, but for a tasty result, be careful not to make these 5 mistakes

The third mistake is to cool the pasta with a jet of cold water, thinking of improving its “performance” and avoiding sticking. Inappropriate, because by doing so they wash away salt and starch, with a bad result in the final flavor. A useful suggestion is rather to pass a generous drizzle of oil over it, mixing well to avoid the glue effect.

Fourth mistake that could frustrate our craving for a cold pasta salad is to dress with a hot sauce. But also pay attention to the fresh vegetables we choose. Let’s take the tomato: this releases its normal liquid and could “soak” the pasta, with an absolutely knockout result. In fact, all vegetables, even cooked ones, tend to abandon their juices. Precisely for this reason, the cold pasta salad should not be prepared the day before, but only allow a few hours to pass than when we want to eat it. So the other ingredients will be able to mix in balance without creating damage.

Last mistake, but not of importance, is to use ingredients that are larger than the size of the pasta. Let us always remember that harmony, even in a cold pasta salad, is a very important rule. Even the eye, together with the taste, wants its part.

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