Not only juice, salads or juices with what remains of the orange waste you can make these delicious recipes

From now on, for the next few months, oranges will give their best with their characteristic orange color, typical of these cold seasons. Now very famous its antioxidant properties, thanks to the massive presence of vitamin C, it is one of the most recommended fruits to defend us from ailments.

This citrus fruit is the most widespread in the world and has multiple varieties. Now on the market there are a little more yellow pulp (navel, common blond), instead in a few weeks they will find more reddish pulp (tarocco, moro). Surely all excellent to eat in wedges or drunk after having extracted the juice. But not only juice, salads or juices with what is left of the orange scraps you can make these delicious recipes.

Beware of juices

Freshly squeezed orange juice is really yummy, but let’s pay attention to how much waste we make. Taking into consideration only the organic fruits, which can be consumed in their entirety, we realize that the juice alone is really a waste. For this reason, by adding a few simple ingredients, we will be able to exploit 100% of our organic orange.

Not only juice, salads or juices with what is left of the orange scraps you can make these delicious recipes

We reiterate, because it is fundamental, that we start from totally organic oranges.

Infusion of orange

Let’s start with the simplest thing and at no cost. Once squeezed, remove the inner white part of the peel and cut it into thin strips. Over a radiator or in a low-temperature oven, we dry the julienne and then store it in a jar. Whenever we want a delicious infusion, pour a teaspoon of our zest into the cup.

Candied peels

In this case we also need the white part of the skins, wash them and cut them into strips. For 3 times we have to put them in a pot with cold water, boil them for 5 minutes and, once drained, let them cool. After this procedure we weigh the skins and calculate the same weight of sugar. While the water must be one fifth of the weight of the other ingredients, for example 500 grams of sugar equals 100 liters of water. Put the water and sugar in a saucepan and wait for the syrup obtained to come to a boil; it’s time to put the skins inside.

In about 1 hour the latter should have absorbed all the syrup, they can be removed and left to cool. Let’s sugar them well and keep them in jars to delight us whenever we want.

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