Not everything is tequila and mezcal! 5 not very famous distillates that are also Mexican

Mexico is a country of flavors and traditions, within the national gastronomy there are drinks that we can only try here, proof of this is mezcal and tequila, two of the most important distillates in the world and in the Mexican Republic, however, There are other equally interesting drinks that are produced in the country, so if you want to know about other distillates from Mexico, keep reading.


The bacanora is native to Sonora, this distillate is prepared from a rather peculiar maguey, which we can find in the ravines of the state: the agave angustifolia haw. Although it has been around for hundreds of years, the bacanora has remained a regional favorite. It currently has a designation of origin and can be found in varieties: white, young, rested and aged; where we can find its smoky and vegetable flavor, which is what characterizes this drink.