Noo’ka catwalk benefit of the Mexican Red Cross Progreso Delegation

Progreso Yucatán, March 24, 2022.- To reactivate social fundraising activities for the benefit of the Mexican Red Cross Progreso Delegation, the Noo’k Regional Catwalk Breakfast will be held next Saturday, April 2 at the Los Mariscos de Chichi located on the international boardwalk of the port.

The President of the Council of the Delegation, Aurea Elena Gómez Novelo explained that this joint effort with designers and their brands seeks to enhance our culture, since everything will be focused on highlighting the craftsmanship that is done in the state.

Likewise, Gómez Novelo pointed out that the previous two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has been difficult to raise funds for the operation of ambulances, for which he thanked the companies Botanas La Lupita, Galletas Dondé, Salsas El Yucateco, Ambarina, for their support. Sotuta de Peón and La Pionera, since without them it would not be possible to carry out the event,

Accompanied by the manager of the sponsoring restaurant Alan Alcocer Ceballos and the Local Coordinator of Volunteer Ladies, Maritza Castro Sánchez at the event indicated that the cost of the ticket will be 250 pesos and they will be for sale at the Progreso Delegation on Calle 86 by 29 in the center and at Tel. 969935 1624.

The Progreso Delegation performs more than 80 emergency services per month, has three ambulances to serve the port 24 hours a day and last year they performed more than 950 services between emergencies and for Covid-19.

The breakfast will have the capacity to receive 200 attendees and all prevention measures will be in place to continue taking care of ourselves. The program includes the presentation of the “Chepita Kakatúa” comedy show, a raffle and the regional fashion show of dresses, masks, pajamas, guayaberas, bags and accessories for the whole family.

The participating brands are Guayaberas G Candila Lizzier: Carrying your heritage, Hipilitos, In Love, Barco Fashion Mix, Linda Hermosa, Stilo regional and Rosalía Tzunun.

The State Fundraising Coordinator, Silvia Casares de Fuente, and designers Lizbeth Ancona, Paola Abraham, Teté Hernández and Guillermo Alayón were present.