No salad for Queen Elizabeth: what they imposed on her is shocking

The eating habits of Queen Elizabeth have always been the subject of discussion all over the world, but the resounding no arrived from the doctors of the doctors in relation to the salad leaves absolutely speechless.

Over the years of the reign, the Queen Elizabeth he has always shown a great deal of attention in taking care of his health especially in reference to the diet to be followed on a daily basis, as well as demonstrated the existence of a real protocol that regulates his diet when he is not in England.

Queen Elizabeth no salad – RecipeSprint

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Especially recently the medical staff following the sovereign of Englandyou have a place in the new and important rules to be implemented in the food sector, all to avoid any problems that may arise in an unfortunate context.

Nothing in the salad for the Queen

Well yes, as we were able to explain also on the occasion of the publication of previous articles, Queen Elizabeth had to pay a lot of attention to her diet, especially outside the walls of Buckingham Palace, also having to put aside some of the habits that are strongly rooted. in her.

In fact, to hold the spot in the world of the web we find the new decision that was made for the sake of Queen Elizabeth’s health who reluctantly will have to give up a new beloved dish during his travels away from London … just like the salad.

Queen Elizabeth no salad - RecipeSprint
Queen Elizabeth no salad – RecipeSprint

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The resounding no from doctors

According to what was announced by the media in the international arena, it would seem that the doctors have forbidden the sovereign even the consumption of raw vegetables when he is far from his country and therefore from Buckingham Palace.

The reason is really very simple, given the venerable age of the sovereign there are greater risks than run into infections or unfortunate consequences deriving from the consumption of vegetables even in combination with lemon. A malaise that would become more complicated to cure if the queen is not in England but abroad, which is why she could be forced to extend her stay and delay her return to London.

Therefore, on the basis of this motivation, the medical staff following the Queen of England were forced to reshape their diet and impose a new no even in relation to the consumption of salads.

Queen Elizabeth no salad - RecipeSprint
Queen Elizabeth no salad – RecipeSprint

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