no fat and full of protein

Every time the food industry advances more and innovates in the search for new products that satisfy more and more customers. And in the case of dairy, this jump is being giant. It can be seen, for example, on the refrigerated shelves of any supermarket, where yogurts, desserts and derivatives make up a large part.

And customers also appreciate that companies and supermarkets make an effort to offer products that, although they are processed, are very healthy, with little or no fat and very cheap. As is this case.

It is ideal for breakfast due to its characteristics and it is a very innovative way of consuming a food that has actually been with us for years and years. However, this new way of eating it gives it another air and offers a huge range of possibilities.

protein source

We are used to eating fresh cheese in tubs that unmold in the purest flan style, but whipped fresh cheese is a revolution. It has the best of this dairy, which is that yes, it is made with skimmed milk, absolutely no fat a very low amount of carbohydrates and a lot of protein.

In other words, it is a completely ideal food for those who want to take care of their figure and gain energy in a healthy way, for those who want lose weight and lose weightand also for those who want to gain muscle and need to eat more protein.

Mercadona has the brand Hacendado fresh shaken cheese.

It’s from one very creamy textureIt may seem like some kind of Greek yogurt or cheese spread, but it’s obviously much healthier than these two options, especially Greek-style yogurt.

It has a flavor reminiscent of yogurt, but with a lower degree of acidity. In fact, if you have eaten fresh cheese you will know that it is very healthy, but not particularly tasty.

For this reason, due to its creamy texture and healthy character, as well as its nutritional characteristics, turns into an ace at breakfast, because it can be added to a smoothie to give it body and consistency, it can be eaten in a bowl with cereals (beware, 0% sugar and in moderate amounts), plain or with some nuts.

It is marketed in its version with whole milk, which has a little more carbohydrates (but little), fat and protein (approximately 12 grams), while the skimmed ones lose all the fat and a few grams of protein (they stay at 8 ), making it a very healthy option.