New gastronomic days around cod

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with cod. This is the star product that a hundred restaurants in Catalonia will offer in the first edition of the gastronomic days Tallem el Bacalla organized by Star with the collaboration of the Gremi de Bacallaners de Catalunya and Cod of Iceland. All proposals can be tasted until next June 5.

The participating establishments have prepared a series of proposals for all tastes, in which they combine the traditional dishes of the Catalan cookbook with other more avant-garde ones with Latin touches or nikki. All this, accompanied by the house beer that promotes these days.

Some proposals

The fact of being able to eat cod in any of the main meals of the day, including breakfast or snack, has led to the readjustment of part of the traditional gastronomy of the restaurants. Thus, Barra Perelló of the Mercar del Ninot in Barcelona proposes a ventresca of this fish with pil pil sauce, while the tastet de Sant Sadurní d’Anoia offers this confit delicacy with fennel, tomato and olives.

Other establishments such as Reiet of the Camp in Vilanova d’Escornalbou or The Vermood in Granollers they will offer the most emblematic cod tapas. Among them, you can try the croqueta brava offered the cañota from Barcelona or the taco in chia tempura, romesco from Tarragona and mango chutney from Huma.

Tapas and full menu

Regarding the complete menu, the organizers recommend the menu of L’Avi Mingoin Tiana. It is made up of a paved cod and alivias del Ganxet, nose of this same fish with chickpeas from Astorga and, as a pole, homemade cheese cake.

Prices will range from 3.95 euros for a tapa, 9.90 euros for breakfast and 17.50 euros for menus. Although they are indicative, they will have to conform to the minimums in which the gastronomic days of Estrella Damm.