Near Bourneville, Sophie Chevillard is the queen of Number cakes

Sophie Chevillard makes original cakes according to requests. (©DR/Sophie Chevillard)

The garage has been replaced by a kitchen laboratory. Worktop, refrigerator, furniture for storing materials and ingredients, etc. Sophie Chevillard has had its own workspace for a few months in its property of Tocqueville (Eure), near Bourneville-Sainte-Croix. A month ago, she officially launched the “Sophie’s Numbercake”.

It all started a few months ago for the former chef: “I started making cakes for family and acquaintances. It got bigger. At one point, it was no longer possible to continue cooking in the house. This allows you to separate work and personal life, ”explains this mother of three children. A somewhat forced conversion for the one who was also head of departments in a supermarket in Touques (Calvados).

“I work at my own pace”

In fact, Sophie Chevillard worked for a long time in a collective catering company. Following three operations for a herniated disc, she was declared unfit by occupational medicine. “I had surgery for the first time in 2013. I had a second operation because I was still in pain. My last operation was in 2019. Today I have plaques. I can’t stay up for hours,” she explains.

In her laboratory, Sophie Chevillard prepares her cakes and pastries.  A few weeks ago, she launched her micro-enterprise, Sophie's Number cake.
In her laboratory, Sophie Chevillard prepares her cakes and pastries. A few weeks ago, she launched her micro-enterprise, Sophie’s Number cake. (©The Awakening of Pont-Audemer)

It was when she saw other people cooking at home, via social networks, that she had the idea to start: “I can work at my own pace. The Social Security doctor gave me his agreement. It also allows me to see my children, which I was less able to do before. I worked quite a distance from home,” says Sophie.

Layer cake, cupcake etc.

The cook treats her customers to different pastries: number cake (cake in the shape of a number), diaper cake (cake made up of several different layers), little cake (little cake), sugar paste cakes and sweets. “Number cakes are very fashionable. I have inquiries every day. Of course, I work at birthdays, but also for baptisms and baby showers (prenatal parties),” she explains.

Since she started, she works mainly through word of mouth and social networks. “I work every weekend. Generally, I start baking the cakes on Tuesday/Wednesday and organize my week. I think that my rates remain affordable,” says Sophie, who does not hesitate to refuse requests that would be too difficult or time-consuming to fulfill.

Does she have other projects in mind beyond baking? “I don’t limit myself. Why not become a caterer afterwards? concludes Sophie before heading back to her laboratory.

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Practical: Number cake from Sophie to Tocqueville. Facebook page: Sophie’s number cake. Phone. : 06 83 64 32 53.

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