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Navarra’s wave of solidarity with Ukraine, on its way to becoming a “logistics problem”

The coordinator of Navarre Red CrossJuan José Martín, has affirmed that initiatives with “good will” such as donations in kind to Ukraine after its invasion by Russia or the collection of refugees Ukrainians “are not the most suitable” because “they end up becoming in logistical problem of first order“.

This was stated this Friday at an informative breakfast offered to the media on the different initiatives for the transfer of refugees and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The meeting was also attended by the delegate of Action against Hunger in Navarra and EuskadiInaki San Miguel; the coordinator of Unicef ​​in NavarreMaider Gabilondo; and the coordinator of CEAR Navarra (Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid)Gabilondo maiden.

“We are seeing initiatives with good will but perhaps they are not the most appropriate at this time, we are mainly talking about in-kind donations and of the people pick up or go to the borders to look for them,” warned Martín.

After thanking the “wave of solidarity” that emerged in Navarra, he assured that “although it may give the impression that things are not being done”, work is being done “from minute zero” both on the ground and from Navarra.

In response to the media, he explained that this type of measure “they end up becoming a logistical problem of the first order“since, among other aspects”needs on the ground are changing“. “We are understanding what they need there, perhaps without asking, and we have to put it at the door, generating a problem that they did not have,” he indicated, after recalling that someone in the country of origin is going to have to receive these goods, handle them, and put people at the service of this operation, who are going to “detract” from others. “If they decide to put a bus in Navarra for each municipality, we are going to have a problem“, he assured.

In addition, he has warned that “not all host offers are adequate” because it is an issue that will extend in the long term. “The key would be not to be part of the chaos but of the answer“, he stressed, after highlighting the existence of channels “to coordinate requests for help and offers from citizens. The contact would be 848421971, whatsapp 620063662 and the email emergency.ukrania@navarra.es.

Also the representative of UNICEF, Gabilondo Maidhas pointed out that “what they need are economic resources”. “So many years of experience makes us know how to manage this chaos in a coordinated way,” he assured, after focusing on the 38 million people who have not been able to flee the conflict zone or who have been displaced within Ukraine.

Gabilondo has assured that is working on the protection of boys and girls. “The desire to help cannot put the safety or security of these children at risk,” she said.

Similarly, the Action Against Hunger delegate in Navarra and Euskadi, Inaki San MiguelHe has asked “that the aid be economic”. “Not everything goes, just good will is not enough”, she assured, after warning that with measures that are not adequate “conflicts can be generated”. In this sense, he has pointed out that sending aid in kind can affect the local economy, mainly with a rise in prices.

For this reason, he has recommended “not traveling to the area because no one can guarantee security”, channeling aid through specialized non-governmental organizations that have humanitarian action agreements, and verifying information from viable sources. After highlighting the importance of “coordination”, he has opted for “urgent but flexible financing, subject to change”.

Along the same lines, the coordinator of CEAR Navarra, Idoia Onecawhich has added that “not everyone needs the same” and that it is necessary to maintain the “dignity” of people and that they can decide for themselves what they require.