Nantes vineyard. New pastry chef in cake design, Lolita creates personalized tiered cakes

Lolita Rocher launches her pastry business in cake design. ©HSM

You must know them: those big tiered cakescovered with a layer of sugar paste and sporting breathtaking decorations.

Very popular across the Atlantic, they are increasingly popular in France for special occasions. “People are looking for the ‘wow’ effect! », Reports lolita rock who launches Lolicake », his company of pastry in cake designin Saint-Hilaire-de-Clisson, in the Nantes vineyard.

“Adapted to the palate of the French”

But Lolita warns, the resemblance to American cakes stops at aesthetics. “They are adapted to the palate of the French, we just keep the artistic side. “Under the thin layer of sugar paste, there is “an improved sponge cake, super soft, and for the rest I do according to the tastes of the customers”.

I can put a chocolate cream or fruit compote between the layers, for example. We have the image of cakes that are too sweet and a little disgusting, but this is not at all the case, on the contrary.

lolita rock

But beware, cake design is paid for. “It’s high-end, fully personalized,” recalls the young woman. It is necessary to count between €7.5 and €8.50 share and a minimum of 12 shares.

She has just moved into her premises, which she shares with Anne-Hélène Dumoulin from the Maison Suzanne biscuit factoryin the area of ​​La Garnerie in Saint-Hilaire de Clisson. “I was grown up and I was looking to share my premises,” says the latter, visibly delighted to have a “roommate”. “Independence is great, but sometimes we suffer from loneliness. »

First cakes in 2015

At the same time, the batches follow one another and sweet and sweet scents perfume the air. ” I started baking when I had kidssays the 35-year-old entrepreneur. The first was in 2015.

Since then, she has never stopped. And above all, it has gone upmarket. A year later, during her research on the internet, she discovered sugar paste. “I haven’t taken it off, it’s a bit like modeling clay for adults!” »

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For several years, Lolita puts her hands in the dough for her pleasure and that of her relatives who do not fail to solicit her for all birthdays and other family celebrations.

Former insurance broker

The idea of ​​professionalizing will not arrive until 2019, when she passes the CAP in pastry as a free candidatee. “At the beginning, it was just a small personal challenge,” she says. I wanted to see if I was capable of doing something else. Something other than insurance brokerage, her lifelong job that she loves, but whose constraints are beginning to weigh on her. “I wanted change. »

What could be better than going from an office to the back of a bakery? This is what will happen, just after obtaining his diploma and four short days of internship carried out on his days off. The experience is very pleasing to the new pastry chef, but an economic redundancy comes to reshuffle the cards in 2020. This is where entrepreneurship imposes itself on Lolita Rocher.

Formation and design of cakes

A training in cake designconfinement and a search for premises later, here she is installed in a real pastry laboratory. Nothing to do with his beginnings in the kitchen of the family home. Especially when you know that a four-tier cake, about 80 pieces, requires 6 to 8 hours of work depending on the decoration desired by the customers.

For the moment, children’s birthdays are the most common orders but “I would like to specialize in wedding cakes”, the famous wedding cakes.

According to the wide smile that adorns her face, Lolita has found the recipe for happiness by making her passion her new job.

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