“My relationship with God is what promotes everything”

Fernando Tatis III considers himself a young man who is learning to enjoy his life.
The star player reveals at the elCaribe and CDN breakfast that the Almighty has been vital in his life to today become one of the main figures in Major League Baseball

Every time he talks about a topic, he puts God at the center of the conversation. This is the star player of the San Diego Padres, Fernando Tatis III, one of the current superstars of Major League Baseball.

“God is the main thing in my life, it is for what I am standing today, it is for the blessings that have come to me, for my contract, for my supposed fame that I have and for everything; everything has been drawn up based on that, ”said Tatis III, shortstop for the San Diego Padres during the elCaribe and CDN breakfast.
“Since my early age, thank God I have understood that this (the Major Leagues) is going to happen and that this is going to happen very quickly, and then, my relationship with God is what promotes everything,” he added.

Likewise, a very careful person was defined as to the provocations that can be done to them and at the same time damage their professional image.

“In that area it is God who has to take care of me. One as a man and having these temptations, one can fall. Unfortunately one is not perfect. I’m not perfect. I’m not even close to perfection. May God continue to take care of one in that area and may he free us from evil eyes, ”he maintained.

Enjoy life

Tatis III knows the responsibility he has in his career, especially because of the contract he signed last season with the San Diego Padres for an amount of 340 million dollars and 13 seasons.

But lately a Tatis III has been seen exposing himself on social networks enjoying nature, especially the Dominican Republic.

“I am a young man who is learning to enjoy my life. I think that what I am off the field is what I bring to the field and that is what many people do not understand about that hubbub, about that happiness that I show. It’s what I’m enjoying off the field. Many people say that I am risking my life”, said the talented player.

He expressed that he comes from a country upbringing since he was a child and that among his experiences, back then, was jumping and enjoying the environment.

“I went to the rivers, beaches, mountains. That has always been my area, my habitat. I think a lot of people don’t see it that way,” says the shortstop.
At the beginning of last December, Fernando was a trend after he suffered a minor accident while riding a motorcycle in a wooded area in the eastern part of the country. This situation led him to receive criticism on the networks and concern from the Padres organization, despite not registering risk injuries on his body.

“Unfortunately, I am not like that. I am a little different from the others. I do take care of myself. Everything I do, I do it with care. For many people it is a risk. It is something very difficult, but unfortunately I fell out of a vehicle and thank God nothing happened, ”she said.

Tatis III was born in San Pedro de Macorís on January 2, 1999. He is the son of former professional baseball player Fernando Tatis, who played a total of 11 seasons in the Major Leagues with the Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Montreal Expos , Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets.

Currently, “El Niño”, nickname by which the versatile player is known, is still enjoying the benefits that the Dominican Republic has while an employer agreement is reached between the MLB and the players’ union and thus be able to join the preparations of the Fathers with a view to the coming campaign.

Tour of the Colonial Zone

In recent days, Fernando Tatis III went viral on the networks after a video was released dancing a typical merengue with a cousin on El Conde street in the Colonial City.

“Before, when you could enjoy yourself, you went to the Colonial Zone. I almost went all week. I was going to dance with my cousin, to share with my friends, to eat ice cream. I’ve always enjoyed that whole area. There one can feel the culture and I enjoy that, ”said the player who loves merengue, bachata and salsa (although he reveals having problems when going for a walk while dancing this musical genre.

social contributions

Fernando has always helped others, just as his parents taught him. When asked about the help that he carries out in his community, he answers: “we have been contributing for several years, both my father, my mother and my family; helping young people and the church to help these young people, and it’s something we’ve been doing even before I was a baseball player”.

Despite the fact that the Major League star expresses that he does not like to publicize what he does for others, he has always helped young people in his community through emotional support and even financially when they require it, especially those who aspire with emulate its trajectory.

“There are many young people with few resources who don’t have time to develop in the area of ​​baseball and hopefully soon find a way to get that help to each athlete who has those resources so they don’t feel that frustration,” he said.

A player with a human side

Tatis III has been present at times, many times unexpected, which makes him a superhero. Cases such as sharing with a child who had overcome cancer have been part of those moments that have marked his life.

“I remember a boy who had a banner with a nice expression and after reading it my heart began to warm, I approached him and I had the opportunity to take a photo with him. She was overjoyed. Those are moments that mark people’s lives. One taking five or ten seconds for that is something that makes you feel good, ”he pointed out.

Another important moment was going to the aid of a large number of people who panicked after a shooting outside Nationals Park (home of the Washington Nationals) in July of last year.

Along with his teammates, Manny Machado and Wil Myers, as well as multiple Nationals players, they opened the access gates to the field and guided a group of fans to take shelter in the stadium’s visitor’s cave.

That moment was used by several users, who took to their social networks to talk about the incident and pointed out the courage with which the Dominican players acted instinctively to try to preserve lives in the midst of a crisis about which there was little information. At the same time, others proceeded to thank the Dominican players and call them heroes for their actions.

“These are moments that make you feel good,” he said. Reports indicated that as a result of the shooting, there was a balance of two people injured.

As the shots echoed through Nationals Park, San Diego Padres All-Star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. immediately thought of his family and friends of the players at the park. “Our families, our loved ones, young children. I felt someone had to get to them. I feel like the safest place was the locker room and we wanted to get our families to a safe place,” Tatis said at the time.