Municipal authority summons parents to dialogue – El Diario

The municipal director of Education of El Alto, Ramiro Beltrán, stated that he will assist each of the parents of different educational units, after yesterday the blockade of the thousand corners was carried out by the parents in demand of the POA.
“We are going to talk with the parents, with papers in hand, we will mention what was delivered to their educational unit and not with some leaders who only seek political desires,” Beltrán said.
He mentioned that there are bland demands, such as the school breakfast, which would have already shown an improvement and asserted that the Annual Operating Plan (POA) of past efforts cannot be replaced.
“The other demand is the school breakfast, they are simply looking for excuses to mobilize people, breakfast has already been changed, they want us to replace POAs for the year 2019, 2020, 2021. Leaders, the POA is an Annual Operating Plan, yes that money is not executed correctly, it is reinvested, the municipality is not a piggy bank to store POAs”, he clarified.
In addition, he stated that leaders mobilized parents in a political manner, and assured that many educational units received the respective (POA) and others are in the process of being executed, reported
“This is a political movement, we want to dialogue with the real parents, who are going out to block because of fines, because of threats, we summon them to the meeting. The (POA) is being fulfilled, all the educational units registered their (POA) now it is with preventive, we have for the first time an amount of Bs 40 million insured for the POA “, indicated the Municipal Director of Education El Alto “.
Starting yesterday morning, the parents began a 24-hour blockade at various points in the city of El Alto demanding the restitution of the Annual Operating Plan (POA) for the last three years and other requests related to improvements to the conditions and infrastructure in educational units of the municipality, reported ANF.
“The request is the restitution of the POAs 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, the readjustment to the school breakfast budget, the maintenance and emergency care that has very rarely been carried out in the educational units, there is no attention from the municipality. We are asking for the restitution of the health budget and the restitution of the sports budget to our educational units”, indicated a parent.