More than 90 businessmen joined Federico Gutiérrez’s campaign

In an event organized by Mario Hernández, More than 90 businessmen expressed their support for the presidential candidacy of Federico Gutiérrez, candidate of the so-called Team for Colombia coalition.

The event, which was held in the north of Bogotá, was attended by businessmen from various sectors to show their support for Gutiérrez and express their fear of the possibility that Gustavo Petro will arrive at the Casa de Nariño after August 7. Many of the businessmen assured that the postulates of Fico Gutiérrez are the guarantee to be able to guarantee employment and investment in our country.

“We are organizing this event for Colombia and for the next president of Colombia. 90 entrepreneurs came but many were left out because there was no space, but if they authorize me I will make another bigger one”, Hernandez said.

He added that he is playing with the candidacy of Fico Gutiérrez because he represents freedom and democracy to facilitate the work of the country’s businessmen who, precisely, are in charge of promoting and creating employment. “Full support will come out of this meeting because we want to build a country and all the businessmen will speak to the candidate about the needs that exist.”

In his turn, the businessman Carlos Montoya Soto, assured that the country’s businessmen are supporting the candidate because the possibility that Gustavo Petro wins in the elections gives them fear and creates uncertainty. “We are promoting an honest, transparent and clear person who has very good intentions for the country to move forward. He is an ideal candidate to preserve the institutions of the State and that is why we support him”.

Breakfast Federico Gutierrez Fico with businessmen Harry Sasson Restaurant – Photo: Esteban Vega

The presidential candidate thanked the support he received from businessmen from various economic sectors and pointed out that it is gratifying for his campaign that they are supporting him. “Here I am happy with all the businessmen because I highly value those who generate employment in the country. The economy has to grow and we are uniting the country to do well. The only way to end poverty is to grow the economy. This is a job between all of us and we must take care of the companies.”

Likewise, Gutiérrez responded to them due to the economic uncertainty generated by the name of Gustavo Petro. “No more hate speech, we need the economy to grow so that Colombia can get ahead. The red lines are in another candidacy that puts democracy and freedoms at risk, the markets have reacted positively to the results of the polls but the message is one of unity, that we work together to get out of poverty and improve the economy in Colombia ” .

Fico breakfast with businessmen
Breakfast Federico Gutierrez Fico with businessmen Harry Sasson Restaurant – Photo: Esteban Vega

Fico Gutiérrez assured that the economy must work hand in hand with security and peace in all territories so that foreign investment increases and, incidentally, there is social investment in the most remote areas of the country.

Mario Hernández announced that in the next few days more events will be held with other businessmen who are interested in supporting Federico Gutiérrez, so that he can win in the first presidential round.

Luis Hernando Corzo, president of Broom Group/ Findeca Family Office, said that many foreign companies who bring investment to Colombia, as long as Gustavo Petro does not win. In addition, he said that there is full support for Federico Gutiérrez because he is the candidate who generates peace of mind for businessmen. “There is a tranquility for the freedom of business, so he is the one who should reach the presidency of Colombia. Our partners from the Netherlands and Chile have wanted to leave the country due to the national strike and other factors, now with the surveys they are worried but they will realize that FIco will grow and they will not have any fear”.

Fico breakfast with businessmen
Breakfast Federico Gutierrez Fico with businessmen Harry Sasson Restaurant – Photo: Esteban Vega

According to the businessman, at this time, the important thing is to invest the capital in Colombia and not take it out because they believe that Gutiérrez will be the winner of the presidential elections.