More than 3 thousand pesos for tacos? This is how they prepare them in Pujol – El Financiero

A taco knows no limits, it can be as carnivorous as barbecue, steak, pastor, suadero, brains or tripe, or grasshoppers, acociles, spinach, cauliflower or simply salt. Golden or soft, with a large or “taquera” tortilla, corn or flour, their forms are as infinite as their ingredients and can be found anywhere, their popularity does not escape the menu of the one of the best restaurants in Mexico.

At Pujol, by Mexican chef Enrique Olvera, located on the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico Citythere are classic tacos like barbecue and shepherdalthough their prices are not within the reach of any pocket and their presentations are unconventional, in size and combinations.

Last year Pujol ranked number nine among the best in the world, for the first time in its history he is in the top 10 of the prestigious ranking. The 50 best restaurants in the world 2021it was also rated the Best Restaurant in North America.

Its history began in the year 2000, when it opened in Mexico City, its preparations are based on Mexican ingredients and techniques of all time, with the touch of signature cuisine. They have a native corn recovery project in Molino El Pujol, located in the Condesa neighborhood, in addition to looking for organic and sustainable products.

How much are tacos in Pujol?

In principle, in Pujol there is no such thing as a la carte food or fixed dishes, except for its famous mother mole, prepared with old and new sauce, you have the option of eating at the tables a tasting menu which changes with the season and is worth around two thousand 500 pesos; or the omakase menu taco barthat have a price of little more than three thousand pesos with pairing included.

According to its official website, the second is based on the Japanese omakase where the diner lets the chef decide and offers his proposals to the diner, “the dishes change every day and as in a taco barcorn is always present”.

This consists of eight to 10 courses of tacos and street snacks; being for tasting, each of the preparations are smaller than conventional.

What are Pujol tacos made of?

Although in an Omakase menu any proposal can reach the table, in the latest update published on the reservation site Open Table, a possibility is described:

  • folksy
  • Taco from Kampachi.
  • Abalone huarache, cheese, Veracruzana sauce.
  • Fish chorizo ​​taco.
  • Macadamia taco, soft shell crab, kale.
  • Mole mother / Mole new.
  • Bean and lentil broth.
  • Guava, Greek yogurt and honey.

However, over more than two decades, Pujol has prepared various tacos, on their Instagram they state, “everything happens at the table: we find ourselves in familiar flavors, we reinvent ourselves through ingredients that we did not think ours”.

Thus, for example, they have made the following tacos:

  • Lobster, capers, garlic and ginger.
  • Cured fish flute in coriander, daikon, avocado, shiso, habanero.
  • Cauliflower, mussel encacahuatado, xnipec.
  • Kampachi, avocado, seaweed.
  • Spiny lobster, bean puree, sausage from Valladolid, cress.
  • Cabbage, peas, eggplant, XO sauce.
  • Duck to the shepherd
  • Aubergine in tortilla de Hoja Santa, chickpea.
  • Barbecue with mashed peas and avocado in a poblano pepper tortilla.
  • Cloth.
  • Cauliflower, macha almond sauce and chile de arbol.
  • Suckling pig, smoked tortilla, chickpea puree, cilantro, red jalapeño.
  • Octopus, tichindas, beans, ink tortilla.
  • Sea bass taco al pastor, pineapple puree.