Monchis; Japanese-Mexican fusion at Canalejas Gallery in Madrid

Julian Marble he has done it again. A restless mind that knows no limits. Passionate about Japanese culture and gastronomy. A self-taught chef. A tireless worker. After the success of the starry Yugo The Bunker and the great reception Okasanlast summer Mármol surprised us with the opening of godai in Minorca. Not content with his jump to the Balearic Islands, the unstoppable chef took advantage of the sophisticated space of Galería Canalejas to contribute his grain of sand. Two new concepts. Two new projects. Monchis and The eight.

With Monchis, Mármol merges Mexico and Japan. Two countries with an important gastronomic culture. Two kitchens full of aromas, flavors and nuances that Julián wanted to combine in an original concept, which has generated a growing expectation.

A new challenge that has its origin in the culinary cultures of two countries with a rich gastronomic history. On the one hand, Mexican cuisine, a tribute to the land of happiness and tequila. Tasty snacks like their traditional tacos, gorditas, infladitas, tamales or empanadillas that Monchis makes without additives. In constant search for excellence Julián proposes a return to the origins. Fun and versatile concepts in which the product is always the main protagonist.

In its Japanese aspect, Monchis presents the ancient Japanese philosophy. Excellence and elegance in each dish. Purity. Flavor. Innovation. A concept of details. An exotic and different proposal. A concept of small bites of pleasure, which share the limelight with traditional Mexican formats.

Mexican cuisine in its purest form, without masking the original flavors.

The location for such a concept could not be other than the food hall from Canalejas Gallery. An exclusive and sophisticated space in the heart of Madrid, which has been designed by the renowned Lourdes Trevino Quiros; architect of the image of Monchis.

An intimate, elegant and contemporary space where you can always savor the best carefully selected products. A privileged space where disconnection and good times are always guaranteed in its cocktail bar. The ideal complement to pair the Monchis offer. A liquid menu that has a successful selection of Japanese wines, sakes, shochus, mezcal and tequilas. A cult mixology ideal for intrepid palates.

In addition to its seductive menu, Monchis offers us a unique and exclusive proposal, its omakase menu specially designed to enjoy in the wonderful chairs Katrinas. An option that consists of eight dishes and a delicious dessert, which give us a tour of the most representative dishes of the cuisine of Julian Marble. The term Omakase means “put yourself in the hands of the chef“, and that is precisely what we do by asking for it. A lively and dynamic menu, which is designed based on the availability of the best raw materials, so that each experience is absolutely unforgettable. Only one Omakase menu is offered per service, which guarantees its exclusivity.

Excellence, harmony and honesty. The new challenge of the incombustible Julián Mármol that is already giving a lot to talk about.