Monchis, a Japanese and Mexican fusion that offers bites of pleasure

Monchis makes its way into the spectacular Food Hall of Galería Canalejas to offer the fusion of the best of Mexican and Japanese gastronomy by the hand of the starry chef Julian Marblepassionate about Japanese culture and cuisine who has made himself. After succeeding with yoke the bunkerthat has a Michelin star, and offer its culinary art for all audiences in Okasan, which we already talked about in Libertado Digital, last summer it embarked on godaiin Menorca, and now with Monchis and The eightalso in the Food Hall and of which you will have news soon.

Monchi bar

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are fooled by the decoration, the work of Lourdes Treviño, of Freehand Architecture. He has designed several spaces that are a tribute to Mexico with the bougainvillea that decorate the ceiling, the bar emulating the altar of a church, the ceiling plates and the metal tubes that recall the typical Spanish and Mexican church organs and that provide a spectacular acoustic ambience thanks to Ralph Killer, Grammy award winner in sound. Without forgetting his very exclusive private room, inspired by the convent of Las Capuchinas by the Mexican architect Luis Barragán, Pritzker Prize winner, known for his latticework and light effects.

Julián Mármol, in the reserved

But if the decoration is spectacular, your kitchen is not far behind. Julián Mármol has masterfully managed to integrate these two concepts full of aromas and flavours. As you sit at the table you are greeted with a smooth cocktail and edamames with a spicy touch, which prepare you for a delicious hokkaido scallop aguachile with kizami wasabi. Already in this first pass you check the purity and flavor of what the chef makes.

Hokkaido Scallop Aguachile
6 slices of red tuna

As you can not miss the tuna in all self-respecting Japanese. In this case, they serve you six cuts of three different parts of the fish accompanied by different sauces that make them exquisite morsels. These 6 slices of red tuna they are sirloin with cabrona sauce, chutoro with marrow sauce -for me the richest- and bull with tsuyu. Three cuts and three completely different flavors that reveal the good work of this chef who seeks a return to the origins in which the product is the main protagonist.

More fusion we find in the cod dimsummex in shiromiso and habanero with leek jama real wonder and the best of everything we tried. Also very rich spider crab dimsummex with habanera sauce. Although the mixture of Japanese and Mexican spices may be unattractive depending on the diner, the truth is that the spicy touch is very light in all the bites and, in any case, the friendly service at Monchis will warn you about it. As a note to highlight the use of bergamot instead of lime, which gives a more citrus and aromatic touch to the dishes.

Cod Dimmex

Also noteworthy is the liquid menu with a successful selection of Japanese wines, sakes, shochus, mezcal and tequilas. A cult mixology ideal for intrepid palates that allow you to enjoy good times in the cocktail bar or at restaurant tables.

Red shrimp taco

And if, as I said before, tuna cannot be missing in a Japanese, you cannot do without tacos in a Mexican either. So we tried three of the seven that they offer on the menu. a spectacular red shrimp taco bathed in chili water with its coral juice and chili tahini or the great lamb taco in hasem sauce give way to the jewel in the crown, the Wagyu taco with marrow essence Grilled Yugo The Bunker. A delicious dish that pays tribute to the restaurant with which, since 2019, Julián Mármol has garnered and maintained the highest Michelin star culinary award.

wagyu tacos

Aside from the menu where you can eat with an average ticket of €65Monchis also offers a omakase menuwhich is nothing more than “putting yourself in the hands of the chef”, and which consists of 9 passes for a price of €90, drinks not included, and only one menu per service is available.

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Monchi’s dining room