‘Moche’ for haulers in Aguascalientes?

The circulation of two videos in which the alleged delivery of food with banknotes of fifty pesos inside bags to the assistants the rally from campaign start from candidate to governorship from Aguascalientes by BRUNETTE attracted the attention of national media such as THE UNIVERSAL and social democratic partywho reported the event.

In the case of social democratic partythe reporter Big Pamela detailed in the note “Elections 2022: Assistants Alabama rally from BRUNETTE on Aguascalientes they would have received cash“, what “the breakfasts that BRUNETTE gave to the assistants the rally in the Plaza de la Patria Aguascalientes for him campaign start from Nora Ruvalcaba included banknotes of 50 pesos”.

He adds that “Nora Ruvalcaba, candidate from BRUNETTEstarted his Bell to governorship from Aguascalientes for the 2022 elections, where the assistants they would have received cash. According to several videos circulating on social networks, the assistants Alabama rally morenista received “support” during the event”.

the note of Big PamelaIllustrated with screenshots of the videos that have circulated profusely on networks, it adds that “the assistants Alabama rally from BRUNETTE received a breakfast along with a poster promoting Ruvalcaba; however, the package included something else. According to the videos that were shared on social networks, the bag that included a sandwich and a juice also included cash. Different images show a row where the assistants waiting to receive their breakfast kit”.

the site note SDPnews.com It also highlights that “It can be seen that the breakfasts included, in addition to different posters and flyers in favor of the candidate from BRUNETTEa 50 peso bill”.

Similarly, in the column kiosk from THE UNIVERSALthe same event is disclosed and specifies that “They share with us that at the opening of Bell from Nora Ruvalcaba, candidate from BRUNETTE to governorship from Aguascalientesthe alerts were lit by the distribution of ham cakes… seasoned with a 50-peso bill and wrapped in propaganda from the hydro-warm flag bearer with the message ‘Keep on AMLO’. In this sense, they comment that assistants to the pre-selection act – those on foot and not the morenista politicians who arrived in luxurious vans – joked that the cash given was not even enough for the return taxi, but the most curious thing is that more than one was left as a doubt if with impunity This violation will pass to the electoral law. oops!”.

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