Miguel Lunghi renewed “the commitment to continue strengthening gender equality”

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Mayor Miguel Lunghi shared a breakfast with municipal management officials and then at a press conference renewed his commitment to “continue working for gender equality and preventing violence in the city.”

The community chief assured that “in all these years we have done a lot and we will continue to do so every day. Today we renew the commitment to continue working and redoubling the effort from the Municipality. But this effort should not be only on the part of the State, but we have the duty to get involved all as citizens. That in this important month that symbolizes the fight for equality, I ask you to reflect together as good people that we Tandilenses are and begin to walk along the path of equality. So that the Bicentennial find fighting together without distinction or political color for a society free from all kinds of violence and inequality”.

He also reviewed some of the actions and public policies promoted and implemented from the commune to promote and strengthen gender equality in all areas of daily life, and emphasized the prevention of gender-based violence.

“These public policies have, of course, demanded budgetary investment from the local State, as well as the training of human resources and dedication to the subject 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To see these initiatives materialized into facts, that they be tangible and be able to measure the impact “This is what motivates us to continue along this path that we started as a government. Let us consider that it is important to remember to know where we started from, how we are advancing in this process and where we are heading,” he said.

The review included some of the most important actions implemented such as the creation of the women’s area, which pays differential attention in cases of violence against women, or the efforts to create the women’s police station in 2008, which is responsible for working on the prevention, care and comprehensive approach to the problem of domestic violence and for which the Municipality allocates resources on a monthly basis.

He also highlighted the implementation of a housing device for people who are at physical risk due to gender or domestic violence, which consisted of the opening of the Marta Pelloni Shelter House in 2014.

He also recalled that in 2017 the Directorate for Gender and Sexual Diversity Policies was created, with a professional team that deploys both protection and social promotion policies, providing support to all cases of gender-based violence throughout the Tandil party, articulating with the judiciary, the security forces, institutions and organizations of civil society and the private sector. And he added that a year later an agreement was signed between the Municipality and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to establish a protocol of assistance and support for victims of trafficking for labor reasons or for reasons of sexual exploitation, turning Tandil into a pioneer Municipality in all the Argentine Republic.

Among the actions listed by the communal chief were also the Entrepreneurial Women’s Fair and the Participation in the Social Productive Pole, as models of social promotion, in terms of training and labor inclusion, the Acce.DER program that guarantees access to justice to victims of gender and/or intra-family violence, the Ordinance that promotes economic assistance to victims of gender and/or intra-family violence and the Special Fund for Victims of Gender Violence.

“In order to continue advancing in terms of citizen security and protection devices, in 2019 we participated in training for the implementation of the Dual anklet system, signing the agreement and beginning to be used in our city as of February 2021.

Currently, this device allows monitoring and follow-up of both the victim and the aggressor through a georeferencing system, monitored by the Secretary for Citizen Protection and with joint work with the Security Forces and the Judiciary. The implementation of this device is added to the already existing antipathetic button, a system provided to victims through the Alerta Tandil application, “he recalled.

He also explained that the unit was recently created to mainstream the gender perspective, which “consists of the execution of 111 new commitments by the different secretariats of the Municipality, in charge of designing and implementing gender equality policies and the interrelationship within the same” and highlighted that Tandil received an international distinction for its egalitarian policy, called “Distinctive of Egalitarian Municipality under the Sig City 50 and 50 Norms”. We are the only city in Latin America that underwent evaluation and achieved this distinction by a renowned international organization such as For Gender in Spain”, she pointed out.

Finally, he commented that last year all government officials underwent training on the Micaela Law and that the ordinance that institutionalizes the intersectoral table for addressing and preventing family and gender-based violence was sanctioned.

Before ending the meeting, he highlighted the importance of all the actions that are carried out and the constant evolution of the impact of public policies that led the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat to strengthen the Directorate of Gender and Sexual Diversity Policies by redesigning its structure to continue improving the services provided.