Michecoco: Find out where they sell this delicacy that came out in Netflix’s ‘The Divine Gluttony’

If something has heat spring is that it makes us suddenly crave a lot of things. Starting at fruit watersin the friendliest of cases and continuing with those tropical cocktails, such as piƱa coladas or something more urban, such as micheladas. Yes, this explosion of flavors, whose raw material is the beer and the limit when it comes to being creative to prepare it is infinity.

The micheladas on the Mexico City child beers that are mixed with lemon, salt, sometimes gummiessometimes sauce and even vodka. It all depends on who prepares it. They are usually used to combat raw and others are drunk just for the fun of it. But have you ever taken this beer cocktail with seafood? If you haven’t, chances are it has occurred to you at least once in your life.