Miami celebrates its 12 Michelin stars

MIAMI.– Finally, Florida achieves the long-awaited Michelin stars, after long years of waiting and negotiations, and of the 15 awarded to the state, the international culinary association awards 11 restaurants with 12 of its long-awaited stars.

Of the 11 great kitchens awarded in Miami, only one obtained two stars: L’Atelier, by Joël Robuchon.

According to the information disclosed, the Michelin Guide “does not take into account the service or the environment to reward or not a restaurant.”

He then assures that “the highest priority is that the restaurant consistently serves delicious food”, although there are other rules written between the lines such as the use of locally produced products, culinary creativity and undeniable presentation.

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In any case, if you want to try the award-winning dishes, hurry up before they raise the price, as Michelin star winners often do.

  • L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
    4100 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Tel. 305 402 9070
    Two Michelin stars. French cuisine from the late chef Joël Robuchon. A la carte menu and a tasting menu starting at $195 per person.
  • Ram
    3540 Main Hwy. Miami Tel. 786 615 3747
    One Michelin star Cuban and American haute cuisine at Coconu Grove by chef Michael Beltran. A la carte menu.
  • The Surf Club Restaurant
    9011 Collins Ave. Surfside Tel. 305 768 9440
    One Michelin star. Thomas Keller’s American Cuisine in Surfside. A la carte menu.
  • buoy of
    5205 NE 2nd Ave. Miami Tel. 305 967 8866
    One Michelin star. Mix of Italian cuisine with American influence. A la carte menu.
  • Le Jardinier
    151 NE 41st. Street Suite 135 Miami Tel. 305 402 9060
    One Michelin star. Cuisine focused on vegetable products. A la carte menu.
  • Coast Miami
    3900 NE 2nd Avenue Miami Tel. 305 434 4668
    One Michelin star. Korean grill-style cuisine. A la carte menu and a tasting menu from $64 per person.
  • hiden
    313 NW 25th Street Miami
    One Michelin star. Typical sushi restaurant style omakase. Menu 250 dollars per person.
    They do not disclose a phone number, only the portal on the Internet.
  • The Den at Sushi Azabu
    161 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. Phone 786 276 0520
    One Michelin star. Another sushi style restaurant omakase. Menu 220 dollars per person
  • Stubborn Seed
    101 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Phone 786 322 5211
    One Michelin star. American cuisine led by chef Jeremy Ford in South Beach. A la carte menu and a tasting menu starting at $150 per person.
  • Heaven Miami by Juan Manuel Barrientos
    31 SE 5th Street, Miami. Phone 305 874 7867
    One Michelin star. Colombian cuisine with a touch of distinction in the Brickell area. A la carte menu and a tasting menu starting at $197 per person.
  • The Miami Felixs
    3413 Main Hwy. Miami. Phone 305 640 5013
    One Michelin star. Mexican cuisine in Coconut Grove. A la carte menu.