Mexico promotes its heritage in Barcelona through the Magical Towns

The Barcelona International Convention Center, CCIB, managed by Fira de Barcelona, ​​hosts the First International Tianguis de los Pueblos Mágicos from April 22 to 24.

This event, organized by the Government of Mexico and aimed at the general public as well as professionals and companies in the sector, wants to show the world ‘the new tourist face of Mexico’ with an offer focused on sustainability, authenticity and heritage through through the beauty of its 132 Magical Towns.

For three days, it will bring together gastronomy, folklore, crafts, conferences and proposals to promote and market the offer of the destinations.

Tianguis is a word from a pre-Hispanic language (from Nahuatl tiyānquiztli) that means market, a place of exchange and coexistence. For its part, the Magical Towns is a program promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, Sectur, to revalue 132 towns in the country that have preserved their historical, gastronomic and cultural legacy.

This is the first time that the exhibition goes beyond the borders of the country to make itself known among the European market and future editions are planned in other cities of the world.

The event, with free admission, is aimed both at the general public who wants to discover the most intimate destinations in Mexico and at professionals and operators in the tourism sector.

Specifically, attendees will be able to buy trips, book accommodation and routes, visit the exhibition area of ​​destinations, discover and buy handicrafts, establish business relationships or savor gastronomy.

In total, it will occupy an area of ​​4,600 m² of the CCIB and will have the face-to-face participation of 14 states and 11 destinations, representing 72 Magical Towns, while the remaining 60 towns will be present through a digital platform.

Intense culinary, cultural and business agenda

According to the organization, one of the pavilions that is expected to be the most crowded will be the gastronomy pavilion. Led by the renowned chef Rita Sánchez, during the three days of the exhibition dishes with preserved pre-Hispanic flavors will be served, as well as Mexican cuisine resulting from the fusion of two worlds, following the recipes of cooks from different Magical Towns. .

Among the proposals there will be fish ceviche from Isla Mujeres; a typical black mole from Oaxaca; a northern barbecue from Nuevo León; classic shrimp pancakes from Tlatauquitepe; white pozolito from Guerrero or ancestral recipes from Michoacán, as well as different traditional desserts.

A large auditorium with a stage will be added to the cooking demonstrations to host the performances of mariachis, traditional folklore, the delivery of international awards, the recognition of the Magical Towns and the master conferences.

Other ingredients of the event will be the largest Tenango exhibition in the world: a giant 105 m² mural made by 1,270 artisans, using 75 kilometers of sailing thread, a space for a gigantic winged alebrije, a traditional altar of the dead to honor the memory of the deceased and a sample of typical Mexican costumes.

Finally, the digital and business pavilion will facilitate the marketing of tourism products from different towns, through business meetings between the more than 200 exhibitors and tourism service providers from Mexico with specialized international buyers from 15 countries.

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