Mexican Tamagoyaki! JuanPa Zurita and Chef Herrera teach you how to recreate this recipe

The influence Juan Pa Zurita He has shown that there are no limits and that he is willing to do anything to continue growing and learning. Now, in a completely different way, he has decided to venture into gastronomy and, hand in hand with hbomax, brought to us the Mexican version of “Selena + Chef”, with a JuanPa + Chef. In its first season, Zurita He had 6 renowned and important chefs to accompany him from home and recreate some of the dishes that made them popular.

Among the most important celebrities, is the Chef Adrian Herrera, who previously had already taught him to cook a rabbit, in a very peculiar way. However, now she wants to show that JuanPa is ready and, on another level, like to recreate his famous recipe of the Tamagoyakiwhich turns out to be a japanese egg omelettebut not just anyone, because in the pure style of Chef Herrera, this will be their Mexican version.