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Nicolás and Darío González are two young men from Posada who, like many others, emigrated to the Federal Capital several years ago to study, train and eventually work. Daniel Pintos did the same, on his side, although he still did not know the González brothers and did not know that he would meet them in the middle of the most populous district in the country. Much less would the three imagine that, in the process of returning to post-pandemic normality, they would be partners in an innovative venture that would bring them back to the land where they were born.

The three friends opened a few weeks ago in the center of Posadas, Net Taqueriaan innovative proposal in the field of night gastronomy and with a strong imprint of its own, through its gastronomy. Do not confuse, it is not a restaurant or bar with a Mexican theme, there are no mariachi hats, colorful skulls, or murals of San La Muerte or the Virgin of Guadalupe, just a lot of good vibes, quality Tex-Mex food and a comfortable space to share with friends at night in Posada.

“We were very consumers of the gastronomy of Buenos Aires during the years that we lived there and when we came, we realized that we need to give it a twist and propose something new, something different that accompanies the growth of the Posadas city”, explained Nicolás that fulfills the role of managing partner, although the horizontal administration of the three founders is evident.

Darío, Daniel and Nicolás knew that there were already Mexican food stores and that is why they decided to give their proposal another twist, both in the presentation of the place and in the food they offer. It happens that Daniel, Neta’s chef, specialized for years in the preparation of tacos, traveled to different provinces and trained for a long time, to offer a different, genuine product with ingredients that are not common in the area of ​​Alto Paraná.

“Unlike the other places that sell Mexican food, we are specialists in tacos, we identify ourselves with the products that are prepared in big cities and that at some point were going to reach Posadas, that’s why we bring it,” explained Nicolás, who warned that one of the novelties on the menu is the “Taconeta”, a taco made with purple corn flour that is produced in Santa Fe. “We also use different types of flour to make the three types of tortilla tacos, the tortilla baked wheat, fried corn, which is the tacomex, the nachos, etc,” he added.

All these varieties of tortillas can be prepared with different meat, pork or vegetable fillings, in addition to guacamole and Bolognese sauces, among others. “We also have burritos, a food also of Mexican origin, quesadillas and their unexpected success, flautitas, which are fried corn tortillas stuffed with chicken.” And if so many calories overwhelm, they also offer a variety of salads, to balance.

The drinks menu does not escape the Caribbean either and they offer a wide range of cocktails with shots of Central American and tropical drinks, the traditional tequila that, instead of being served with lemon and salt, has different fruits to give the drink a more refreshing hue.

As mentioned above, the theme of the kitchen, the counter and the patio is far from a Mexican restaurant. The corridors are adorned with characters created by the owners, with the aim of installing the brand through recognizable mascots, and green, trees and plants predominate in the large patio, leaving a naturist landscape in the heart of the city.

set up a franchise

Nicolás does not hesitate to affirm that they are ambitious, that the objective is not to stay in a taqueria and bar in the center of Posadas, but to install a brand. That is why they worked for a long time in the previous preparation, in the creation of the brand, the characters, the aesthetics and that everything combined with the gastronomic proposal that it was already decided that they were going to offer.

The kickoff was when the González brothers met Daniel, who was already cooking in one of the most important taquerias in Buenos Aires, and that, added to Nicolás’s taste for Mexican food, laid the foundations for the project that would materialize in March 2022. .

They took advantage of the pandemic to project, analyze and grow. As soon as the recreational activities were released, they began to work on the realization of their ideas, looking for the place and diagramming how they were going to materialize those ideas of which they were very convinced that it would work.

The place was the first step, a historic building in the center of Posada, which has a large patio and which on more than one occasion housed bars and restaurants. “As it is a heritage building, we couldn’t make many changes, but luckily the kitchen was almost all installed, they just had to make some slight improvements,” Nicolás recalled.

Painting, structural restorations and leveling the patio floor were the main investments they had to make, added to inflation that changed the budget month after month. “It got to the point of wondering if we were really going to make it, but with a lot of help from friends and acquaintances, we stood our ground and were able to open,” he explained.

Despite the setback of having to postpone the official opening for a day, due to inclement weather, Neta Taquería was a resounding success from zero hour. The overflowing tables, the staff running from one side to the other to arrive with the high demand and the good vibes of the clients were the reasons that compensated for this work that took so long.

“The idea was to open from Thursday to Sunday to start with, but on Thursday it rained and we had to start on Friday, which was filled with people just like on Saturday, to the point that we ran out of supplies and we couldn’t open on Sunday, because we didn’t we had a way to replace everything,” Nicolás recalled happily.

For the time being, Neta works at her store located on the corner of the streets San Luis and Belgrano from the center of Posadas and offer take away servicethat is, to pick up in the salon, although they are analyzing adding a delivery service later, to supply that demand that remains pending, especially on rainy days, where customers usually use this service to stay in their homes.

Neta Taquería has the Mexican imprint in its gastronomy, but the missionary identity in its services. A commitment of young missionary entrepreneurs who are aware that they can be prophets in their land.