Mexican snacks: Recipe to make some delicious flour gorditas

As the Mexican food There are not two and there are many tests. The truth is that for variety we don’t stop and it’s probable that it continue to be renewed day by day with all the inventiveness that exists in the country. However, there classics that never go beyond fashionwho are always there, ready for a diner and the truth is that many of us we enjoy them with singular joy eating basically any Mexican appetizer

The grenache are some of them and the truth is that any Mexican who says he can live without them is simply lying. We have all fallen at the feet of these delicacies and not only that, we even have our favorites. And there is no greater joy, than when you haven’t eaten these delicacies for a long time and suddenly by chance of fate you stop in front of a ‘quecas’ stand with a sign made of phosphorescent cardboard that says everything they have.