Mexican root beans is the new edition of La Costena

The Coastal made known by the hand of the renowned chef Lula Martin del Campothe launch of Mexican Root Beansa limited edition of four types of endemic beans born with the aim of preserving the origin, flavor, texture and variety of these inputs in danger of extinction within the Mexican territory.

In line with its constant innovation, the brand launches these four species as an example of the wide gastronomic variety that we have in the country.

Mexican Root Beans, is a new line made up of the bean Ayocote Yellowwhich has a smooth texture and a pleasant flavor; bean Purple Ayocotewhich, depending on the cooking time, goes from having a dense to creamy texture.

The Bull’s Blood beanhas a soft texture that melts in each bite and, the vaquita beanwith a unique mix of colors, light flavor and creamy on the palate.

“For 99 years in the company we have had a strong commitment to preserve the Mexican culture and seasoning, characterized by the unique flavor of the elements that give life to our dishes. Now we want families to enjoy new gastronomic experiences through Mexican Root Beans, while preserving the biodiversity of these endangered species.”

Rafael Celorio, CEO of La Costeña

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in Mexico there are around 50 species of beans, which enhance the meaning that this ingredient represents in our gastronomy.

On average, each Mexican consumes nine kilos of beans a year, making it the main representative of legumes in the Mexican diet, according to the UNAM.

“One of the main objectives we have at La Costeña is to continue creating different ways of bringing Mexican flavors to all consumers, always providing quality and practicality. Likewise, we know that today consumers are concerned and attentive to knowing the origin of the products they purchase, therefore in the labeling of these products, they will be able to find a QR code through which they will be able to know more about the origin and processes that maintain these products. 100% Mexican ingredients.

Ana Belén Díez, Marketing Director

Frijoles Raíces Mexicanas is now available in supermarkets across the country with the support and experience of renowned Chef Lula Martín del Campo. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of Mexican gastronomy, she has been key in making it possible for these products to reach Mexican cupboards as she is one of the specialists in these species.

“It is a great pride for me to accompany such a Mexican brand. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with this wonderful team before and to do so again is phenomenal. They put the ingredients and I the recipe, the result is wonderful and we are very happy and excited about this creation”, said Del Campo at the presentation event in his Rattlesnake Restaurant.

This new line is prepared with fresh and natural ingredients, coming entirely from the Mexican countryside. In addition, they represent an opportunity to give a different touch to the dishes of Mexican families, thanks to their adaptability when preparing them in both hot and cold dishes, such as salads, soups and side dishes, while preserving the harvest of these species. .