Mexican restaurants in Valencia | ¡Viva México!: Mexican restaurants you can’t miss

As Valencians in general are not ones to miss many parties and enjoy them around a table, this week a day was celebrated which, although it fell on Thursday, may be Saturday or Sunday when it is easier to honor the honoree: it is the tacos. Yes, the Mexican dish. Since 2007, March 31 is celebrated Taco Day.

Although the gastronomy mexican is especially rich and varied, the taco (that wheat tortilla that can be filled with many ingredients) could be said to be one of the best and most recognizable ambassadors of the Aztec country.

Precisely in Valencia can be found delicious mexican restaurants fleeing from the popular Tex-Mex cuisine that combines the gastronomy of the country with that of Texas.

The best Mexican restaurants in Valencia

If you want to taste the delicious and intense flavors of the Mexican cuisine in Valencia Well, we propose five of the best establishments you can find in the city.

Taqueria La Llorona

Tacos from La Llorona have already reached the status of myths in the city La Llorona

To discover a different taqueria in the Russaf neighborhooda, you can not stop visiting the Taqueria La Llorona. They offer urban Mexican food, of course the tacos who have reached the state of icon in the city and flee from the traditional Mexican decoration. eye at off-chart recommendationsthey never disappoint.

C/ Painter Salvador April, 35. Valencia

Malinche’s revenge

Malinche’s revenge is a city classic Malinche’s revenge

There is no one left in Valencia who has not heard of his margarita pitchersthat delicious cocktail based on Tequila and with a touch of salt. The decor It is colorful and the skulls typical of Mexican culture dot the restaurant. The nachos and the cochinita pibil It is the most acclaimed by diners.

Perez Escrich Street, 11. Valencia

Sol Azteca Taqueria

The cocktails are one of the great assets of this restaurant Aztec Sun

Food traditional mexican from the hand of an owner from the country of rancheras. The most acclaimed by diners? the Tamale (a dish based on a corn or rice dough filled with meat, vegetables, sauces and other ingredients) and cocktails. Its flavor transports you directly to Mexico. Have two locations: the restaurant next to the City of Arts and Sciences and the taqueria in the center of the city.

Restaurant: Calle Pintor Maella, 17. Valencia

taqueria: Calle Conde Altea, 21. Valencia