Mexican drinks that can be found in La Llorona

Mexican cuisine is characterized by its diversity of flavors and the use of products such as corn, chili and different types of meat.

Traditional recipes, such as mole or enchiladas, stand out for their use of spice, which gives intensity to each dish. In addition, popular preparations such as tacos or burritos have traveled around the world and today are part of the diet of millions of people.

La Llorona restaurant offers the possibility of accessing a large selection of Jaen Mexican delicacies. All the products on the menu are available to eat in the restaurant, to take away or to organize a tasting experience at home. In addition, the place has a wide variety of drinks that work as the perfect accompaniment for each dish.

The wide variety of Mexican drinks at La Llorona in Jaén

In most Mexican states, people call beer “chela”, one of the favorite drinks of thousands of consumers. Mexican beer is characterized by being blond and soft. It is ideal to drink very cold and take advantage of the contrast with the spiciness and the intensity of the flavors of most dishes. In La Llorona, it is possible to find very popular “chela” brands such as Corona or Negra Modelo, but also more artisanal options such as Katrina.

On the other hand, a Mexican drinks menu cannot be complete without tequila or mezcal. both distilled are prepared from different species of agave, but each liqueur is used for different preparations. Various brands are available on the La Llorona menu. One of the most interesting options is to order a whole bottle of Alipús mezcal to accompany the tasting of the different Mexican dishes. The restaurant also stands out for its margaritas, made with tequila. for those who seek non-alcoholic native options there are jars of guava, lime, tangerine or mango.

Mexican delicacies in La Llorona

The local menu has a wide variety of preparations. Among the starters, the quesadillas stand out, which are corn tortillas with different fillings. One of the most characteristic ways to order them is accompanied by huitlacoche, an edible mushroom typical of Mexican cuisine.

As for the main ones, it is possible to order a wide variety of hamburgers, burritos, tacos or different Mexican delicacies such as chilaquiles, enchiladas and enfrijoladas, among other options. The restaurant also has a Mexican dessert section inside your letter.

At La Llorona, it is possible to access a variety of Mexican recipes in Jaén, accompanied by the best drinks to have a complete and different culinary experience.