Mexican documentary opens the Cinema Cocina selection

The Mexican documentary “El Nidal”, directed by Michael Wright and Ashley Fell from Guanajuato, together with the Peruvian film “La artisanal passion”, by Roberto Manuel Barba, inaugurated the 5th edition of Cinema Cocina, within the 25th edition of the Festival de Malaga, which takes place in the Andalusian city.

Both productions had their premiere at the Echegoyen Theater in Malaga with a very good reception from the public, who immersed themselves in a trip to nature, the roots of sustainable cuisine and the production of artisanal alcoholic beverages.

“El Nidal” is an approach to the traditions of making mezcal, wine and beer in Guanajuato, Mexico. This project that Wright brings to the competition is the story of Marcelo Castro and his family, who have managed to create an ecological project while making 100% artisan drinks, thus becoming the best hosts of good drinking and good eating.

It should be noted that for the second consecutive time the Guanajuato team inaugurates this selection since last year it opened with the feature film “Cocina de Inherencia” also directed by Michael Wright and Ashley Fell.

«It is an honor to come as a guest again to the Malaga Festival. We at Lanzando Lázaros have specialized in making documentaries to talk about the care and dissemination of heritage. We use gastronomy as a pretext to talk about heritage, history, culture and values. Now we can say that we are already specialists presenting both visual and sound gastronomy to generate emotional content» commented Michael James Wright, founder of the production company Lanzando Lázaros.

After the screening, a round table was held where they talked about the initial concept of the documentaries, a bit about the characters and how they came to find them. At the end there was a question and answer session with the public.

“This year at the Malaga Festival they have been excellent hosts, we feel very welcome and we are here to follow up and continue linking” commented Guivinni Guerra, executive producer and founding partner of Lanzando Lázaros.

This year, in the III Cinema Cocina Documentary Contest, whose objective is to highlight the value of gastronomic-themed audiovisuals that are produced today, 14 documentaries participate in the competition that opt ​​to be recognized with the festival’s prizes, the famous biznagas.

The Guanajuato team will compete for the Biznaga de Plata for the best short film Vinos de Málaga endowed with 2,000 euros and the Biznaga de Plata audience award for the best short film.

The award ceremony will be next March 25 at the Echegoyen Theater.