Mexican cuisine: This is the difference between tlayudas, doraditas and huaraches

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The tlayudas, the doraditas and the huaraches They are part of Mexican gastronomy, which on many occasions presents similarities between different dishes, which is why sometimes the differences between certain dishes that seem to be the same, but are not, must be clarified.

These differences can be in one or several aspects such as the preparation, the ingredients, the cooking term, and even the region of the country in which they originate.

What is the difference between tlayudas, doraditas and huaraches?


First of all, the tlayudas. They are a typical Mexican dish whose origin is in the state of oaxacarecognized for its ancestral gastronomy and the creative mixes it has given to the world.

Traditionally, the tlayuda It is that corn tortilla about 30 centimeters in diameter that is browned on a griddle, covered with black beans, jerky or enchilada dried meat, chorizo, quesillo, cecina and avocado, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

This dish has shown variations and some dare to prepare it with grasshoppers, escamoles and even shellfish. According to the government agency, the production of the tlayudas is carried out by rural women, from the San Antonio de la Cal region, Oaxaca, who are also in charge of taking them to the city to sell them.

Tlayuda It comes from the Nahuatl tlao-li, which means shelled corn, and is complemented with the suffix uda, which denotes abundance.


The huaraches They are a Mexican dish based on corn whose shape simulates the traditional Mexican sandals called that bear the same name and among its differences is that it has a softer consistency than the other two dishes in question.

The preparation of huaraches It is made with a corn dough filled with beans, which is derived from the also famous “tlacoyos” and it is common to serve them with steak, ribs or fried eggs and are accompanied with sauces and cheese.

According to different sources, this dish was created by a woman in the Mexico City who precisely sold tlacoyos and began to experiment with the dough, lengthening the original food and baptizing it as the typical footwear of the country; the huaraches.


The golden brown are known in some parts of the CDMX like tlayudas, however; They are different dishes because of their preparation and the ingredients they have and the region where they are prepared.

This Mexican dish also had a great boom in the capital of the country, and has an elongated shape similar to that of the huaraches but acquires, as its name implies, a brittle consistency that is assimilated to the original dish of Oaxaca.

As for the ingredients, golden brown They have a base of beans, and later nopales, grated cheese, sauce are added. It does not have meat or any additional ingredient like the previous ones.