Mexican breakfast: Prepare a delicious guajolota with some spicy habanero chilaquiles

If we talk about mexican breakfasts the Chilaquiles are a classic that we cannot ignore, and accompanied by a roll are even more delicious because we can turn these elements into a rich turkeythat is, a chilaquiles cake, this time we will teach you how to prepare one of these delicacies from some rich habanero chilaquilesa very version spicy that’s it traditional dish.

The habanero chilaquiles have a touch of hot spicy special and quite high so we recommend that you add very little of this Chile to the recipe if you don’t like too much heat or if you want to keep the flavors balanced, likewise you can accompany your turkey with the traditional elements of the chilaquiles such as the chickenthe egg, beef ribs or similar, to give a different flavor to the recipe.