Mercadona turns this vegan breakfast into a trend, whether you are or not

As we have already revealed to you, one of Mercadona’s secrets for becoming one of the reference centers for many consumers to make purchases lies in the fact that they offer products for all types of diets. For carnivores, for vegetarians, for those looking to lose weight, for those who do not tolerate lactose or gluten, for athletes… And also for vegans. This is the case of the product that occupies the following lines.

Among the proposals of Mercadona, those that are related to breakfast stand out. And in this sense, one of the best-selling products are the cereals filled with cocoa and hazelnut. They delight young and old. And they come under the Hacendado brand, one of Mercadona’s white brands that guarantees quality at reasonable prices.

Cereals filled with chocolate and hazelnuts from Hacendado / Mercadona

Mercadona has an alternative to cocoa-filled cereals for vegans and celiacs

But they have a drawback. They contain gluten and ingredients of animal origin. That is, they are not suitable for celiacs or vegans.

However, in Mercadona They have solved this problem. Because Juan Roig’s company now proposes a version of these cereals, but made with a recipe that is suitable for coeliacs and vegans. They are filled with milk and hazelnut. And it is already being a success among the visitors of the Valencian distributor in the stores where they are available.

It is advisable to consume these cereals in moderation

These cereals filled with milk and hazelnut They are made with ingredients such as coverage dough, rice and corn flour, sugar, cocoa cream, sunflower oil or hazelnut paste, among others. They are all of plant origin. And among them we do not find gluten.

Gluten-free cocoa and hazelnut cereals / Social networks

But beware, because the fact that it is for vegans does not mean that they can be consumed wildly. The nutritional values ​​reflect 461 calories per 100 grams of productso we recommend that you eat them in moderation.

A product that is also very economical. you will find it in Mercadona in bags of 400 grams At a price of €1.90. Although we have to tell you that they are not for sale on the distributor’s website.