Mercadona changes everyone’s breakfast in Spain to make it healthier with a nutritious cereal

Have a healthy breakfast with this Mix cereal that Mercadona has put on sale and that is about to change your dietsince it is the best thing you can consume during the first hours of the day to enjoy all the benefits of a good breakfast.

As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we cannot eat just anything: we must eat something that gives us all the energy for the whole day. It is right here when this cereal from the Hacendado comes in, which has an ideal flavor.

You can consume it alone or with milk at breakfast timeBesides, it will be quite a fun meal for the little ones in the house, for whom, of course, these cereals will come in handy.

Mercadona’s cheap breakfast with which you can make yourself without spending too much

Anyone would think that this cereal is not cheap due to the benefits it brings, but the truth is that it has a good price. It is made by the Landlord and sold in all the Valencian supermarket stores.

This Mix cereal from the Juan Roig company contains oats, corn, quinoa and rice, being an excellent source of fiber for anyone. Taking this into account, it will be a healthy food for children who are growing and who need fiber for good development.

However, this is not all that this cereal offers, as it also provides a good variety of minerals and vitamins that come in handy to start the day with full energy. Its flavor is a mixture of all these cereals and it has a low amount of sugar, making it totally healthy.

Oatmeal and rice will also provide you with many other benefits, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that will help maintain good health in your body. All this for a very good price and with a quality that only Mercadona is capable of offering us.