Meet these great women united by gastronomy

Women are in charge of thousands of kitchens around the world, this time, they sat together at the table to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

The place that opened its doors to these important figures in gastronomy was María Ciento38, the restaurant that Antonietta Di Pasquale runs and fills with love with its extraordinary Sicilian cuisine.

As part of the commemoration of the March 8different women who contribute with their work to the improvement and growth of the gastronomic field in Mexico and other parts of the world were summoned.

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Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

The table was shared in an atmosphere of sorority and admiration, with a meal offered by the hostess. La Nonna served her guests three appetizers, consisting of a white fish ceviche, involtini de melezane, made with rolled aubergine slices stuffed with Parmesan, pecorino, mozzarella and mushrooms, covered with pomodoro sauce, as well as a plate of caponata, a pickled eggplant with capers, onion and celery, with sweet and homely flavors.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

Later came the pasta, a delicate spaghetti with Sicilian pesto and pomodoro, finished with toasted almonds and Parmesan and Pecorino cheeses, which made it a balanced dish that invited you to eat a little more.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

One of the stars of this meal was the stone-baked fish. A whole piece of kampachi fish that came to the center of the table to dazzle with the subtle flavors of fennel, spices and lemon, a true enjoyment of the simplicity of Italian cuisine, which focuses on the quality of the ingredient and allows it to show off .

The dessert was a nod to the mimosas, those yellow flowers in the shape of small pompoms that are given away in Italy at the International Women’s Day. With a vanilla bread, filled with cream cheese flavored with orange and Strega, an herbal liqueur of Italian origin.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

We present to you the guests of honor and the hostess of this meeting of iconic women of gastronomy in Mexico.

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Antoinette DiPasquale

Originally from Sicily, Italy. It is one woman who took charge of the kitchen of his home from the age of 16, after the death of his mother, but it was never an obligation, but rather the opportunity to develop his love and passion for cooking

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.
With 42 years residing in Mexico, she is in love with this country and the small chaos that is CDMX, which today is the home of María Ciento38. This concept would not have been possible without her daughter, Cristina María Cialona, ​​who never took her finger off the line of their dream to open a restaurant.

Cristina set up practically the entire place without telling her mother, and a few weeks after the opening, she spoke with her to offer her the direction of the kitchen, since it was a space created for Nonna to share her gift with the world.

Chef Antonietta shared with us the reason behind the beautiful dessert she offered during this meal, a cake that resembles mimosas. “The mimosa is a yellow flower with small balls, which is given in Italy on Women’s Day, and during this season it fills the roads and fields with color. We try to get it here in Mexico, but it seems to bloom in a different time.”

Carmen “Titita” Ramirez

She is a woman who has become a great reference in Mexican cuisine. “I am from Xalapeña, I always miss my land a lot”, shares Titita, a cook with a long career that began in the family niche, where she learned to cook, soaking up the vast culinary tradition of her native Veracruz and who, in 1972, It would lead her to professionalize her love for cooking with the foundation of the El Bajío restaurant.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

She is an internationally recognized chef, ambassador of traditional Mexican cuisine and a great pillar of one of the most beloved family restaurants in the country. Titita pronounced herself very happy and honored to meet and be surrounded by the important female figures with whom she shared the table.

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Paola Garduno

This Cook Mexican found her passion for cooking on a trip to Paris, which encouraged her to dedicate her studies and her life to this noble profession. After her culinary education, she passed through the kitchens of important restaurants that are part of the lists of the best in the world. She returned to Mexico and began to forge her own path in the restaurant industry, always driven by her love of cooking and making her way through the male-dominated culinary scene.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

She is the creator of the Café Ó restaurants, whose strength is contemporary cuisine, Farina, a concept of Italian cuisine, and La Popular, with a ceviche and seafood menu. She has participated in multiple festivals and culinary forums, extolling the role of women in gastronomy.

Lula Martin del Campo

It is a woman who carries in his job the great love he feels for Mexico. This chef and businesswoman has stood out in the gastronomic field for her constant drive and concern to renew herself, in search of offering the diner a new and better experience at each visit.

Photo: El Universal / Edgar Silva Fuentes S.

The kitchen called her since she was young, it attracted her to a world that today she cannot leave but that makes her enjoy every moment. She is a woman multifaceted, she has managed important hotel kitchens, industrial canteens, catering; She has published books and cookbooks, in addition to having been part of national and international television programs.

He continues in the kitchen at his restaurant Cascabel, with a menu of Mexican food, and at Marea, where he cooks “sea and corn”.

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