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lincoln not only synonymous with luxury power and comfort, but has also acquired a commitment to culture of our country through Weaving Mexico. This year, this initiative has put its energy into supporting the work of some of the creators and gastronomic promoters most recognized in Mexico. Learn more about this project and find out who its culinary ambassadors are. Photos: Courtesy.

Weaving Mexico: an initiative to recognize what is ours

Emerged in 2020, in order to strengthen ties with textile creators from Oaxaca, Tejiendo México has established itself as a exhibition and recognition platform for the culture change agents In our country. During her first two years, she put the spotlight on the textile design and of fashion as well as in the artistic and documentary photography. Now, it’s time to celebrate those who strengthen the gastronomic identity of Mexico.

This year, Tejiendo México has chosen seven characters and culinary projects that in their actions reflect the philosophy of excellence lincoln. Meet them.

Arca Tierra: to the rescue of an ancient heritage

Value heritage ecological and Social from Chinampera area of ​​Mexico City is the mission of Ark Earth, an initiative that operates under three fundamental axes. First, the bioremediation of the area through the cleaning of water and soil. Afterwards, the recovery of ancestral farming techniques and the adoption of practices of organic agriculture.

Finally, it is also in charge of communicating these values ​​and marketing its products so that those who work in the land and the Water have a fair financial return. To this end, it has also provided tourist and gastronomic experiences in its Chinampa of the SunIn addition to starting the establishment of a Peasant School.

Caminito al Cielo: voice that resonates in the Mixteca

Caminito al Cielo, promoted by Tejiendo México

Founded by the cook David Estrada, Little Way to Heaven is a project that rescues and spreads culinary knowledge of the mountains Juarez and Ñuu Savi from oaxaca. Convinced of the need to use the idioms and digital tools, is dedicated to recording traditional cooking techniques and making them known on social networks. As well organize workshops and gastronomic experiences in which the participation of farmers, cooks and artisans is the priority.

Additionally, they have launched a series of educational projects among children, such as the creation of a lottery on the mexican corn culture and of the nixtamalization.

Edo Kobayashi, promoter of the little tokyo capital

Nigiri from Edo Kobayashi

That Mexico City today has one of the best japanese cuisine dining scenes is largely due to entrepreneurs like Edo Kobayashi. From the industry song and the shows, born in Tijuana and a descendant of Japanese immigrants, his fascination with the food of his grandparents’ home country was sparked by his travels to The Angels. In this city he was able to verify the detail put into the creation of authentic japanese conceptsspirit that moved to the Mexican capital.

Today, Edo leads 24 restaurants, all animated by a gastronomic proposal of japanese avant-garde. This is found in rockai, dedicated to Windows, often kyo, that offers an experience omakasa as a departure from Tokyo itself.

La Raffle: good chocolate as sustenance

chocolate raffle

To value the techniques of cultivation and processing of Mexican cocoa is the purpose of the raffle, draft agroecological and gastronomic from Juarez neighborhood. At the head of this group of 21 people they find each other Monica Ortiz, Daniel Reza and Faust Reyeswho are convinced that chocolate, more than a candy, is a food of great nutritional and cultural value.

So in his workshop select, roast, peel, they grind and refine cocoa beans harvested by jungle producers lacandon, the Soconusco and the Tabasco Chontalpa. With him they make bars, slats and beverages sweetened with piloncillo, in whose flavor and texture the origin and care put into each seed is perceived.

Tortilla Foundation: strengthening the pillar of our gastronomy

Rada Mier, from Tortilla Foundation

Behind this platform is Raphael Mier, who realizing the setback in the Corn tortilla consumption in Mexicocreated a digital community with more than 450,000 followers. Its activities include conducting courses and conferences on nutritional importance of corn. They also promote the rescue of knowledge about this mother seed of Mexican cuisineas well as of traditional organic farming techniques.

Its collaboration with public and private organizations has made the government ban the use of glyphosate and the transgenic maize cultivation in Mexico.

Liliana López: a pen to record the flavors of Mexico

Liliana López, gastronomic journalist

Although he was born in Colombia, the writer and photographer Liliana Lopez has fallen for diversity nature, culture and food from Mexico. As a gastronomic journalist, she has been able to verify that behind the most dazzling names on the culinary scene there are knowledge, products and techniques with ancestral roots. Its sensitivity allows it to identify the microcosm that is woven into the interior of a restaurant. unravel the messages that each cook has placed in the setting of a table or in the fusion of ingredients.

Ana Lorenzana: on the hunt for succulent images

Ana Lorenzana still life

The love story with this Colombian photographer with the image goes back to his childhood. As the daughter of a artist, His early years were spent between cameras and canvases, so adopt the photography as a creative language came naturally to him. Thanks to his talent behind the lens, she has been able to travel the world and settle in Mexico, whose geography she has traveled in pursuit of portray the gastronomic culture of the country through an avant-garde and surreal style. Thus, it does not fail to recognize that it is lucky always being surrounded by people who delicious cuisine.

As her next goal in life, Ana Lorenzana has decided to enter her native Colombia driven by the experiences and learnings purchased in Mexico.

Lincoln Corsair: an experience

To learn more about the initiative Weaving Mexico, you can go to and get involved in their actions.

Also there you can get more details about the new lincoln corsair grand tourer. Aboard this vehicle, explore Mexico in search of its most authentic culinary expressions will be a delight.

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