McDonald’s customer hysterical over unfortunate message from staff about burger


For many, McDonald’s is a convenient destination for breakfast and lunch, but one customer of the fast food chain was left confused by the meaning of a cryptic message on his burger.

On Reddit, the customer shared a snapshot of his package of the popular chain’s burgers that simply had the words “add ket” written on the paper.

The Reddit user, who had purchased a Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin with the unfortunate message on it, wrote: “Looks like I’m going to take off with my Maccy’s this morning.”

Many found the funny side of the message that could easily suggest a Class B drug, Ketamine, had been added to their breakfast burger.

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One commented: “It won’t be so much ‘take off’ as ‘melt in your chair and listen to techno’. Or so I’ve heard.”

While another joked, “I hope you’re not operating any heavy machinery today.”

A third joked, “Wow, McDonald’s is really mixing up their menu nowadays!”

Others tried to guess what the ‘add ket’ comment might have meant besides the Class B drug, and generally everyone seemed to agree, as one person said, “I’ll guess…ketchup?”

The fast food chain became the subject of many jokes in the thread (Image: Getty Images)

One person took issue with the idea of ​​even adding ketchup to the burger, saying, “Ketchup on a Sausage McMuffin? Sacrilege!”

The post shared today, May 17, has amassed over 8,000 reactions and there have been a number of funny and quick comments throughout the day.

Some people joked about what the names of McDonald’s hamburgers might be if drugs were added.

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One said, “I prefer his egg mcmethin,” while another joked, “I heard he gives you the chocolate shakes.”

The unfortunate message on the burger has left many wondering what ‘add ket’ meant and other customers in the store will surely keep their eyes peeled for other similar messages in the future.

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