MAZARRÓN / Summer camp in Nerpio

The Councilor for Youth Silvia García, has presented the new summer camp in Nerpio. Among the objectives covered is the development of personal autonomy, coexistence outside the family environment and carrying out activities in the natural environment.

Cultural activities, multi-adventure and coexistence in the natural environment encompass the programming of this offer.

Silvia commented in her presentation that “after two years, we resumed going out to the Nerpio summer camp.

This camp has always had a very good reception, being raised and demanded by families and young people. for its services, facilities and proximity.

The campsite is located within a rural-recreational complex, surrounded by mountains and spectacular scenery. This season, they have improved and invested in a new facility, a multi-adventure pavilion. It is a camp where children and young people enjoy a unique experience, not only for its playful power, but also for being an experience with benefits, such as the acquisition of responsibility, the acquisition of healthy values ​​and habits, awareness and care of the natural environment, the discovery of new sports modalities, coexistence, integration and participation.

This year they have prepared some surprises with different themes, focused on Marvel, Pokémon, The Voice, Dancing Fame and Harry Potter. Always counting on a team of qualified and accredited professionals.

The date of the same will be from Monday, July 25 (with lunch) and departure Sunday, July 31 (Leaving after breakfast)

Places are limited and the price is €310, the price includes full board (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner), activities, 24-hour monitors and accommodation in the hostel.

For large families or where there are several siblings, 10% will be applied.

From the Department of Youth we will make available two buses for your displacement.”

The registration price set for this activity is 310 euros, including full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner), activities and hostel accommodation. They will have a 24-hour monitor.

You can make your requests or request more information by email on the phone 968591810o or at the Department of Youth located in the Sports Pavilion “La Aceña” in the morning.