Mayor’s Office will apply sanctions to school breakfast providers who fail to comply with quality –

The Mayor’s Office of La Paz announced this Sunday that companies supplying school breakfast food will be sanctioned as of Monday in order for students to receive products with exact quality, weight and quantity, among others.

“As of Monday (4) any offense will be sanctioned according to the table of penalties,” said the municipal director of Education, Ever Carazas, and assured that on April 1 the “adaptation period” of 20 days ended, to the companies that provide school breakfast, which is distributed from March 7, in public and agreement educational units of the municipality of La Paz.

He specified that the personnel of the Municipal Regulation and Supervision System (Siremu) will apply the sanctions after supervising the quality of the finished product in the industries and the delivery of the food rations to the educational units, before delivery to the beneficiaries.

The school breakfast foods can be consumed between five and 30 days, Carazas assured, stating that they are distributed daily and directly by classroom teachers to students. “UHT (ultra-pasteurized) and extruded products (cereals) that have a long shelf life are delivered so that they can be consumed during the next 15 days,” reported nutritionist Marisol Layme, head of Nutritional Food Planning at the Complementary School Food Unit ( Unace), of the Mayor’s Office of La Paz.

In the case of baked goods, which are valid for five days, there are: cereal bread, milk and cinnamon thread, sponge cake, rice bread with cheese, cheese bun and oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, the latter with 30 days of life.

Milk drinks can be consumed between 10 and 30 days: nectar with fruit pulp (10 days and/or 30 depending on its characteristics); milk, chocolate, flavored and with cereal (30 days) and yogurt (10 days).

Layme explained that extruded foods along with UHT products are prioritized so that they are delivered to rural areas, although they are also distributed in urban areas. “On the subject of liquids, all those that have UHT in long periods of life, means that they have been subjected to high temperatures in the plant and vacuum packed where contact with some microorganism is possible, therefore there is zero chance that this product is contaminated and decomposes,” she said, quoted by the official news agency.

Carazas also mentioned that Unace has the purpose of guaranteeing the supply of school breakfast rations, encouraging and prioritizing the consumption of locally produced food, in addition to contributing to school performance and the permanence of students with a healthy, timely and culturally appropriate.