Mayor’s Office of La Paz will distribute school breakfast daily starting Monday | ANF

The school breakfast is made up of dairy products, seasonal fruits, honey, breads and derivatives.

La Paz, March 20 (ANF). – The rations of the School Complementary Food will be delivered daily to the educational units that returned to face-to-face classes starting this Monday, this modality will be expanded according to the other educational units that are still with the blended and virtual modality.

“We hope that from tomorrow we can deliver on a daily basis, since it varies a lot by macro-districts and zones. There are educational units that have not decided to return in person despite the fact that the Departmental Directorate of Education has instructed, we are following up to deliver accordingly, ”reported the municipal secretary of Education and Social Development, Amparo Morales.

Until the previous week, school breakfast was delivered in packages for the five days of the week to parents of educational units that continued in the blended mode.

The mayor explained that the school breakfast is made up of baked goods: rice bread, almond cakes and other varieties for children and young people to have a nutritious diet.

In the batch of fruits and honey, depending on the fruit season, according to Morales, bananas, tangerines, in addition to the honey that accompanies the rations, are delivered. Among the dairy and miscellaneous products is yogurt and flavored milk. “The daily rations are going to be varied, depending on the products we have,” he said.

The Mayor’s Office of La Paz carried out a public tender through Sicoes (State Contracting System) and as a result three companies now provide food for school breakfast for the 2022 and 2023 administrations.

The providers are: the accidental associations Collita Nutritiva groups Tecalim SA, Simsa and Soalpro; Vida Sana La Paz brings together Compañía de Alimentos Ltda. Delizia, Soalpro and the Bolivian Food Company (EBA); and Frutimiel brings together Bolivia Vende (sole proprietor) banana producer, Roberto Palma (sole proprietor) banana producer and Apicruz SRL honey producer.