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Roberto Ruiz was the first Mexican chef to win a Michelin star outside of his country. It reached it in 2014 with Punto MX, a tablecloth restaurant located in Madrid (Spain), which in mid-2020, after 12 years of service, closed its doors due to the pandemic and other causes: “I must say that already I didn’t project myself in that kitchen. It is that I am much more enjoying ”, she clarifies. There, so to speak, he prepared his quesadillas with Asturian cheeses and his tortillas with organic corn from Galicia.

In 2015, Ruiz opened in Bogotá –with the power of the Takami group– the Mexican restaurant Cantina y Punto, a place that still honors the contemporary gastronomic culture of his country.

Last year he opened in Madrid, near the Puerta de Alcalá, the Barracuda restaurant and, in November 2021 -again with Takami-, opened what may be the most surprising Mexican restaurant in Bogotá: Punto Baja.

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And give it the dots: Punto MX, Cantina and Punto, and now Punto Baja, a name that refers to the cuisine of Baja California, which is nothing more than the cuisine of the Mexican Pacific, that is, the Mexican cuisine of the sea.

There they serve special menus in which a ‘tempurized’ pumpkin flower quesadilla can appear, stuffed with crab and accompanied by morita chili sauce

It’s not as formal as Punto MX nor as casual as Cantina and Punto: it’s somewhere in the middle. It serves a very elaborate cuisine –polished, even–, with long roots in the tradition of its country and notable creative breaks. Tortillas made under the ancient technique of nixtamalized and long-lasting legendary sauces. Upon arrival, in fact, four homemade sauces with different levels of spiciness land.

Almost all products, mostly from the sea, go through the coals. It offers four types of guacamoles: the one with enchipotlated prawns with shrimp cracklings is highly recommended. It has eight types of ceviches: pay attention to the one with grilled portobellos! It has nine entrees, two decidedly special: the roasted mussels with a memorable smoked morita sauce and the tuna marinated in chiles, on tortilla toast, with grilled cow marrow (the explosion!).

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It has five proposals for tacos: Look out for the fried crab and pumpkin seed tacos! And of its strengths, the beef rib with a chili sauce that a Mexican midwife would cry over is highly recommended.

On the second floor there is a booth with 20 seats. There they serve special menus in which a ‘tempurized’ squash flower quesadilla can appear, stuffed with crab and accompanied by morita chili sauce; or a taco of octopus carnitas (confit in oil and butter) with marrow and smoked chili sauce; or a lobster taco with bean demiglace. As rich as it sounds, that’s how rich it is.

Punto Baja bets on a cuisine that is sincere, juicy, intense and, above all, very committed to flavour.
A deeply tasty restaurant run by a great chef named Ruiz.

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Phone: 601-6447766

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