Matilda Blanco’s harsh criticism of the staff members for breakfast – Paparazzi Magazine

Another day, another problem that arises in the Hotel de los Famosos, this time again the protagonist is Matilda Blanco, who since she arrived has stood out for being one of the most critical people among the players.

Everything started as usual, they got up, the staff had to do their homework, where Leo Garcia debuted in this role, and the others were just waking up, everything seemed normal, until it was time for breakfast.

It is not the first time that there are criticisms at breakfast time, previously the same White got angry and crossed to nice martin because of the clothing he had, since he assumed that it was not the right one, as well as Martin Salwe who asked for something salty to eat.

This time they did not show how they ate, except for rodrigo noya and Sabrina Carballo that they were in the suite, but Matilda he took out the dirty laundry when Pampita summoned them to the living room to explain something important to them.

Although everything focused on Not now and Oak if something happened there, as well as the passage from guest to staff by Leo Garcia, Matilda he slipped into the agenda how bad he felt when they served him breakfast.

“Today the breakfast was all wrong, we saw it wrong, the dishes were not there. This is supposed to be a five-star hotel, they don’t even arrive halfway”commented White when Milita Bora he stated that they had to run to be on time with their assignments.

As mentioned above, this is the second time in a week that Matilda has gotten into a fight with the staff: “Would you like anything else, gentlemen guests?”I ask Mayto what quickly Matilda recriminated: “Miss, can I ask you a question? Do you not wear anything below that to come to work?”what martino answered: “He just told me the same thing petersen.

At that moment without any fear martino showed what he was wearing underneath, but this did not satiate the desire to fight of Matilda: “Looks like a baby doll not an apron”. This comment did not seem to sit well with Mayto which he replied: “They gave me the ok, that’s what they gave me, this uniform.” “The staff has to behave, beyond if I don’t know, if so in a protocol way, but hey, it’s staff, they have to have respect for the person”declared White.

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