Mate, our inseparable companion, under the magnifying glass

Several health professionals have put the traditional River Plate infusion on the magnifying glass. Some of the many questions that gave rise to certain questions were: does mate feed? Does it lose weight?

Diario Hoy contacted the nutritionist María Rose Cash, who stated that “there are numerous scientific studies, many of them available to everyone on the internet, that speak of the properties of mate. It serves for good cholesterol and to raise the enzyme paraoxonase-1 to the blood level, which acts as a cardioprotector”.

Rose Cash later indicated that mate is not specifically used to lose weight, “but you can easily include it in a diet for that purpose that is present at breakfast, a snack or a snack. Of course, you do not have to add sugar because you add calories.

Dr. Adrián Cormillot in his book Food is not fattening, why do we get fat?, also talks about the first meal of the day and names mate. He comments that “ideally, breakfast should include foods from at least four of the basic groups; dairy products, cereals, fruits, sugars and fats. Dairy and bread can not miss. Breakfast is more than just having tea, coffee or mate”.

Another of the questions that professionals have on a daily basis is whether drinking mate and water can reach the two liters that a human being needs, ideally, per day. Dr. Cash explained that “mate has a diuretic effect, so it is not useful for that because it favors the elimination of liquids.” Clear and concise. It cannot be substituted for pure water, since it fulfills specific objectives in a metabolic function.

In her book The Smart Diet, nutritionist Susana Zurschmitten writes about the consequences of taking this characteristic River Plate infusion for a long time. “Continuous consumption can inflame the liver and spleen. Likewise, it is not advisable in case of joint problems, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone pain or rheumatism. Perhaps we should remember its original use, as a ceremonial drink in community meetings, in order to limit its consumption, ”says the professional.

Then, the doctor indicates in her publication how you can help minimize the effect: “Yerba mate can be combined with some medicinal herbs to minimize its effect. Another option is to choose a time of day to fully enjoy this infusion and, thus, moderate its consumption.”

Finally, Zurschmitten commented that mate can be used as a laxative: “In acute or chronic treatments of constipation and associated disorders, it can be used, but accompanied by special medication for the process. And you also have to understand that if consumed in excess, it can cause heartburn or esophageal problems.”