MasterChef Junior Mexico: Alan was eliminated from the most famous kitchen in Mexico

The kitchen room most famous of Mexico became a fair in the last episode, where they could meet the 6 semi-finalists of Junior MasterChef, slowly approaching the grand finale. The theme on this occasion was the typical dishes, both international and nationals and the participants they had to do their best preparing them to earn their place among the 6 semi-finalists of the reality show.

During the first challengethe participants elaborated typical dishes from different countries, where the winner and first semifinalist was Renee, due to the Argentine empanadas that he prepared. Unlike other episodes, where more than one surprised the judges, in said first stage there were not so many surprises, since the participants had several errors, such as lack of cooking in the rice, in the case of natyan pay broken in the case of Sophie and a few more things.