‘Masterchef Celebrity’: breakfast is not the main meal for chefs and it cost Carolina Gómez the exit

Carolina Gómez left the “Masterchef Celebrity” competition for having presented a preparation that the jury did not like. Taken from Canal RCN live

Nerves took over the cooks in a new elimination challenge, because on the night of Saturday, April 2, it was known which of the cooks left the most famous kitchen in the world. As they entered the kitchen, there were various opinions regarding this phase of the competition.

“Today is going to be a floor of Tatans or Titans”Corozo said. For his part, Tatán Majía expressed that it was his first elimination challenge and he was quite worried.

“Thank God I’m on the balcony, because or else I’d be buying tickets to Medellin”Chico pointed out.

The surprise of the night was Carolina Gómez, because the former queen was absent from several competitions due to health problems and returned directly to the elimination challenge, however, her ability to cook was not 100% because at the time of preparing her plate had a low voltage which made it make several mistakes.

“He comes back, oh surprise, with a bunch of friends all at this time wearing black aprons and who are now his rivals”said Ramiro Meneses.

For his part, Tostao, who had an immunity pin and the possibility of witnessing the elimination from the balcony, was not present, which implies that upon his return he immediately entered the elimination challenge with a black apron.

But not everything was nerves moments before the competition, as some joked with the outfit worn by actor Carlos Baez, who wore a sleeveless military green shirt and chef Christopher Carpentier told him that this was his lucky shirt.

“Yes, he noticed it, I can’t believe it, no one had noticed… I’m not much for omens, but I do want to bet on this one”the actor said.

The celebrities had to cook a free dish, for which they had the pantry open for the 60 minutes they had to develop the best of their dishes and save themselves from being eliminated from the competition.

“Today there is pure heavyweight in this elimination so this is going to go over the top, so stack up with the mistakes that a little one is surely the one that is going to take one of you out of the competition”Nicolás de Zubiría indicated.

The chefs who were part of this challenge were Tatán Mejía, Manuela González, Carolina Gómez, Natalia Ramírez, Cristina Campuzano, Carlos Báez and Aco Pérez.

The celebrities of Masterchef Celebrity inside the kitchen waiting for instructions for the elimination challenge.  Taken from Canal RCN live
The celebrities of Masterchef Celebrity inside the kitchen waiting for instructions for the elimination challenge. Taken from Canal RCN live

Finished the process of executing their preparations, one by one they went in front of the jurors and received their respective feedback on their dishes. However, one had more errors and that was Caroline Gomezwho for the jury the pancakes that she presented were not worth having invested an hour and ended up being eliminated from the competition.

“Caro, there are times when the person who is eliminated leaves because of a big mistake they make, but that was not your case, there were several little things that added up that make you the eliminated one. To begin with, your dish was simpler… on the other hand, the peaches lacked a bit, the neat way of cutting them and caramelizing them a little more”said Jorge Rausch.

And this was the ex-queen’s farewell message to her peers:

“I want to remind you that here there are no Grammys, there are no championships, there are no crowns, here we are all equal, here we are drive, discipline, tenacity and hard work. That we cannot forget. I cannot feel more honored to be with you, what a wonderful group of people and that we can say things to each other’s faces with respect. Let us never forget that, please, because this program is seen by the country and what we say and do, she says. Thank you for this start of the year because you fill my soul, my energy and my mind”, Carolina Gómez expressed.


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