Martín Hinojosa signed important agreements at the COVIAR Breakfast

Within the framework of the harvest celebrations, the president of the National Institute of Viticulture (INV), Martín Hinojosa, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation, Julián Dominguez actively participated in the traditional event organized by Coviar at the hotel Hyatt.

In the presence of national, provincial and departmental authorities, Hinojosa signed important agreements with ministries, national agencies and with Coviar.

The first agreement, the president of the INV signed with the head of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), Rubén Geneyro, with the aim of strengthening the sustainability of the Argentine wine sector. For this, the agencies commit to provide training by an inter-institutional and multidisciplinary technical team and the development of an interactive guide for the implementation of sustainable practices in vineyards and/or wineries.

Next, it was the turn of the Commitment Act for the constitution of the Knowledge Technology Center for Viticultural and Agroindustrial Sustainability. In this case, in addition to the President of the INV, the signatories were: Minister Domínguez; the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus; the president of the National Water Institute, Juan Carlos Bertoni, the president of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICEF), Ana María Franchi and the rector of the National Technological University, Rubén Soro. In this case, the objective is to create a multidisciplinary space that accompanies the region in the joint transformation of its agro-industrial ecosystems and the production of knowledge technologies 4.0 in pursuit of a more prosperous, better quality and sustainable agricultural development, based on in the knowledge of the dynamics of scarce water resources in the context of climate change.

In this regard, Hinojosa said that “it is a financing of three and a half million dollars to study the use of water efficiency. We all know the importance of water in Argentine viticulture”.

The next rubric was with the Minister Julián Domínguez for the Letter Agreement of Uniformity in the Audit Regime and Verification of Protocols of the “Alimentos Argentinos” Seal. In this way, the INV is appointed as the certifier of the “Alimentos Argentinos” seal. The president of the INV stated that “it was a request from the wine sector for the INV to grant the seal certificate, which allows an additional half point of reimbursement for exports. This is a benefit for the entire export sector and speeds up obtaining the seal because the INV is committed to granting it quickly.”

Finally, in one of the most important announcements of the meeting, Martín Hinojosa, Minister Julián Domínguez and the head of Coviar, José Zuccardi, signed the Preliminary Act for the creation of the Council for the Joint Administration of the Support Program for Small Producers Wine in Argentina II (PROVIAR II).

In this case, the program plans to expand the number of producers reached in the first stage with a focus on varietal renewal, optimization of water for irrigation and technological innovation.
Regarding this agreement, Hinojosa stated that “we established the way to work together on the PROVIAR II loan. The idea is to coordinate, agree and have the support of the wine entities when making decisions given the responsibility that falls to INV to be the executing unit of this loan, which is an opportunity for the wine sector”.

Lunch with producers and wineries from Argentina

After the Coviar Breakfast, Martin Hinojosa participated in the lunch with producers at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). During the meeting, he thanked the efforts and work of all the producers and promised to work from the INV.

In his speech he spoke about the Proviar ll program and the responsibility for this line of financing to reach each of the producers in Argentina. In this sense, he affirmed that “it is an opportunity not only to integrate more producers into the commercial chain, but also to generate greater development of the wine sector. This must be done together. Today, luckily, we are working very well with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; INTA and Coviar. And it is very important that there is a space where we all give our opinions, participate and finally apply this program in the best possible way”.

To end the day, the President of the INV attended, together with Minister Julián Domínguez, the traditional Agasajo de Bodegas de Argentina, which took place at Bodega Lamadrid Estate Wines. At the event, they were with authorities and representatives of the entity’s partner wineries, among other attendees.