Mario Hernández prepared breakfast for ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez to win over businessmen

The chosen place was Harry Sasson’s restaurant, where dozens of industrialists came to give their support to Federico Gutierrez, in the campaign that the former mayor of Medellín advances after being elected as a candidate of the Team for Colombia coalition

Entrepreneurs from various sectors of the economy came to express their support for the candidate. Semana stated that, in addition, spoke of their fear of the possibility that Gustavo Petro win the presidential election.

Mario Hernández, the head behind the breakfast of businessmen with ‘Fico’

The event, the publication reported, was led by Mario Hernández, who said that it was organized “by Colombia and for the next president.”

“90 businessmen came but many were left out because there was no quota, but if they authorize me I will make another bigger one,” said the industrialist, who has always been against Petro’s policies.

Hernandez added that the Gutiérrez’s campaign defends values ​​such as freedom and democracy. In addition, he assured that it will facilitate the work of the country’s businessmen.

Here, images of what was the event:

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Federico Gutiérrez received funds at breakfast with businessmen

The event it meant some good pesos for the former mayor of Medellínbesides the good breakfast.

According to RCN News each of the attendees donated 10 million pesos for the ‘Fico’ campaign.

The math is simple, being more than 90 entrepreneurs, Gutiérrez received almost 1,000 million pesosnot insignificant number.