Mario Hernández and the businessmen who will support Fico Gutiérrez

The event that was organized by Mario Hernandeztook place north of Bogotá, where More than 90 businessmen and Fico Gutiérrez shared a breakfast in which the main topic was support for the candidate to guarantee employment and economic investment in Colombia.

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The Escape to Petro

Important businessmen from the country met with Fico Gutiérrez to strengthen ties that allow you to trust in the direction that the country will take next August when the new president of the Republic of Colombia takes office in the Casa de Nariño.

This business sector of the country expressed its fear of the possibility that Gustavo Petro could come to represent the country in the House of Nariño.

At the same time, they ensured that Fico Gutiérrez is the political option that allows them to trust in the economic growth of Colombiaafter the decline generated by the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

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What Fico stands for

For the more than 90 entrepreneurs who sealed their affinity with the leader of the Team for ColombiaFico would represent freedom and democracy for them, which would be the turning point to facilitate the work of the country’s businessmen, who are in charge of promoting employment in the country.

The renowned businessman Mario Hernández, who led the meeting with Gutiérrez, established his position and strong support for the candidate. This, in front of political landscape that is displayed at this time in the country:

“Full support will come out of this meeting because we want to build a country and all the businessmen will speak to the candidate about the needs that exist.”

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At the same time, Hernández assured that the Colombian business sector that supports Fico Gutiérrez is not only represented in the 90 business leaders who attended the event:

“We are organizing this event for Colombia and for the next president of Colombia. 90 entrepreneurs came but many were left out because there was no space, but if they authorize me I will make another bigger one”.

This way, Mario Hernández made it clear that there may be other meetings with the candidate to establish new proposals and projects for the Colombian business sector.

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